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Somehow, despite the fact that I actually write these things down now in multiple planners and everything, I made it to Wednesday night (aka last night) and came to the realisation that there was no reassuring number of any kind next to my ‘scheduled’ tab and so then the psuedo panic set in.

But the blog gods that be deposited something onto my lap (because I was trawling through Bloglovin’) and gave me an idea. Which I am sure you can gage from the title of said post.

So without further ado:

1) Unagi: What book sounds strange but is really amazing?

Okay, so I feel like Station Eleven sounds like quite an odd title for the book and doesn’t really give much away in terms of the plot and I have just realised as I am writing this answer that there was a whole extra paragraph that I could have added to my review the other day about the title and it’s signifcance…(which I may or may not add now)

2) Rainbow Roll: What book has too many layers?
The name David Foster Wallace comes to mind. Honestly Brief Interviews although not an actually novel in any way, more a collection of short stories, was so dense and hard to read. And also happened to be the book that at the time for some reason I decided I wanted to do a presentation on in my tutorial at uni. If only I’d known…but however it was a great read and one day I will tackle Infinite Jest (if I say it often enough someone is going to hold me to it).
3) Inari: What series should have more books?
Take a wild guess as to what my answer is gonna be???
Harry Potter funnily enough. But not with the trio, although that would be cool, I want to know more about the Marauders more than anything else in the world (I’m prone to hyperbole). The complexity of that damn map of theirs astounds me and they were teenagers when they created it. How? What were they like. I want a fully fleshed out James Potter and to know more about how Lupin dealt with the whole werewolf thing and how Sirius acted with James and how deep their friendship was and how he came to the decision that electing to turn into a dog while one of his closest friends had no choice was something he wanted to do. I wanna know why the hell Peter Pettigrew was even there and if he has any redeemable features and is something more than Voldemort’s slightly shit right hand man.
I could go on here so I’ll stop, but yeah. I have a lot of feelings about the Marauders.
4) Fish eggs: What book do you feel bad for not reading?
There are a lot. Currently I’m feeling bad that I never finished Invisible Man because I read a really good review of it recently because it came up in my internet travels and well I supposed to read at uni. I sat in that tutorial that week just talking a LOT about the 150 pages that I had read and wishing that I had time to read more of it because I’m a big fan o Ellison’s work. Although I imagine that when I do finally finish it this year I’m just gonna be sad because it’s Ellison’s writing style that I love and it was the only book he ever wrote…
5) Sashimi: What book is great even without a crucial element of its genre (i.e. a sci-fi book without aliens, a fantasy without magic)?
Ummmmmmm, no book I’ve ever read…I initially thought maybe The Night Circus (which, yes, I will bring up at any time possible) because it was more character driven and slow burn-y and then I remembered that magic and the like is very important to the whole thing and it wouldn’t work without it.
I mean there are characters that would work outside of their genre that I can think of for sure (Hermione Granger (them again) for example could definitely continue life as a muggle just fine, so could Harry…Ron would be an interesting one) but I can’t think of any books that would work.
6) Avocado Roll: What book is great in its simplicity?
Well this is a great question. Maybe Pride and Prejudice or, and I know it’s a play but Macbeth (because I can always bring him too) although it has witches and stuff is super simple and to the point (especially when you compare it to Hamlet) and is my favourite of the Shakespeare plays.


7) What is your favorite kind of sushi? 

Final confession, I don’t actually really like sushi all that much…

And that’s another tag post done. I’m not gonna tag anyone to do, but feel to do so, I’d be interested to see what other people come up with.

Parentheses count: 11. See you on Saturday!

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