July Playlist

July Playlist

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You know I love it when the last Sunday of the month falls on the actual last day of the month because it means my playlist feels a bit more definitive (and we all know I like things to feel that way as well, especially when it comes to literature). This month has felt a bit stagnant music wise not gonna lie. I’ve pretty much listened to the same few songs on loop or the soundtracks to all the Harry Potter films because they make great background for writing, which I have been doing a lot of this month (and am nearly at the end of this marathon writing thing…thank goodness).

As such the playlist is a little shorter than usual, and is as follows:

1) Dancing On My Own – Calum Scott 

Oh I’m opening on a chipper note this month…seriously though the original of this song is kind of a dance tune and then you hear it stripped back and it’s like ‘no shit, this is emotional‘. Something about his voice on this song as well is just heartbreaking, solid vocal.

2) Bitter Pill – Gavin James

Again with the happy songs. I keep hearing this song on the radio right now and every single time it just makes me kind of stop what I’m doing and pause because his damn voice gets me every time. I always forget that I love Gavin James until I hear his music again and then all feels right again.

3) Mamacita -Tinie Tempah

This song was made for summer. As we actually had some hot weather this month in good ol’ London this song sounded so good. Kind of makes me feel like I want to be a massive party.

4) Touch It – Ariana Grande

I remembered this month that Ariana Grande released a new album not that long ago so I finally decided to give it a listen. This was not the main song on there that stood out for me but the more I listened to the album the more this song started to stand out for me. Then for most of last week I pretty much just listened to it on repeat as I walked from the station to the office and back again later in the day.

5) Into You – Ariana Grande

Now this was my fave on first listen. It’s also played a lot on the radio, but a lot of the time that is like white noise to me because I just need to not be sat in silence, so I didn’t really hear it properly in any capacity until I was listening to the album and nothing else. It’s soooo good. I love it. It may be my favourite Ariana Grande song ever.

6) Ruin – Shawn Mendes

I was not joking when I said that Shawn Mendes knew how to turn out really great pop music. His vocals in this are killer. Kind of really looking forward to Illuminate

7) Body Say – Demi Lovato

I just really like this song, so it’s on the list.

8) So Far Away – Miranda Lambert

I rediscovered her this month. So many songs on her Heart on My Sleeve album are so good but this has always held a special place in my heart. And so I end with it.

And that’s this slightly shorter playlist for the month. I’m gonna continue with this whole writing thing. The finish line is in sight, I’m gonna find out later if I can cross it.

Parentheses count: 2. See you tomorrow!

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