Snapshot 49
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Snapshot 49


It’s definitely been a while since we have had even a whiff of a suggestion that things might not be okay in the Maxwell/ Haines camp because well, they both just sort of fell off the face of the earth for a little while and we kind of just forgot about them here at The Scoop but we all just assumed that they had done so together because that seems to be a given like how night follows day. But then something changed and one appeared like a wild animal and the other remained firmly in hibernation.

Guess which one has done which?

The correct answer is of course Ryan Haines. Who ventured out into the big bad world with…well we don’t quite know who but we can say with great confidence that it is not his long term girlfriend (should that now be former long term girlfriend)?. Haines and the gorgeous red hair were seen wandering the streets of New York (not his home city by a long shot) looking suitably wrapped up given that it is the depths of December and there is snow on the streets of Manhattan and they seemed to be getting a bit of last minute Christmas shopping in. We’re trying not to read too much into that, but there is a part of us that just can’t help but feel like that has to mean something, I mean why else would he be in New York 2 days before Christmas with no new flights leaving the city  until at least just before new year (we checked, it’s the snow) when his girlfriend is notoriously a homebody if they were still together?

Nothing is confirmed yet, but there are murmurings now. Which means that Maxwell and Haines are firmly back on our radar for this festive season. And we thought the year was winding down, silly us.

Watch this space.



Yesterday we told you that Ryan Haines was swanning about in New York at the most wonderful time of the year with someone who is not his, still MIA, girlfriend.  And, well we now have a name, meaning that we can sleep now. Whew.

The woman in question is an American stylist Naomi Filgray. She has styled some of the greats over the years and has created quite a buzz about her in the fashion world and has recently been hinting that she has a new client. The client in question is none other than Ryan Haines’ band Sign to Sign. The fact that this trio of men now appear to have acquired a new stylist seems to suggest great things. Like another comeback maybe?

Having a look at Naomi’s stylist history things seem to suggest that she knows how to get it right, especially when it comes to dressing the fellas so we can basically all expect to be well and truly wrecked when they eventually decide to grace us with their presence on a red carpet.

For now though we have a name, the knowledge that they are both in New York for Christmas and still no sign of a certain Ms Maxwell.



The day is Monday 29th December. All is relatively quiet as everyone tries to navigate their way through these weird days between Christmas and New Year. Food comas are still very much a thing and there is more turkey and Baileys then anyone really knows what to do with. Most people are navigating their way through the day with some kind of hangover and some family somewhere have had a tense game of Monopoly that has ended terribly and now an aunt isn’t talking to a cousin or something like that. People are winding down, starting to think about New Year’s resolutions that they aren’t going to keep for longer than 3 weeks at most, gym memberships are already starting to spike and a whole bunch of celebs have descended on some Caribbean island.

And then all of a sudden we wake up here in dreary grey ol’ London to find Twitter was all in a tizzy thanks to an event happening on the East Coast. The event in question was the much anticipated premiere of A Year To…penned by none other than our missing Maxwell (we’ve seen the other two this festive season and previously, they’re sunning themselves right now, how nice for some). So figures she would finally emerge from hibernation to celebrate this fact.

It’s been well over 3 months since we last saw dear Elizabeth and that must have been playing on her mind, because from what we can tell she walked that deep blue carpet looking totally fierce and accompanied by her man in a very rare display of excessive PDA from the couple.

We didn’t get a chance to talk to the girl herself but we did manage to pry Ryan from her to have a quick chat in amongst the crowds and conveyor belt of celebs who have yet to ditch the real world for a little New Year getaway.

According to said him Lizzy is just fine and gave no indication as to why she fell off the face of the earth and where she has been while she does that and I guess in some way we should have expected that. I mean when have they ever really been all that forthcoming with information when we are gagging for it? He didn’t say much else expect that he was super proud of his girl as usual and then she appeared out of nowhere right behind him and in one seamless motion he was saying goodbye to us and wishing us a nice night as he twists and places his hand on what we think might be a new back tattoo of Lizzy’s.   

In addition to the potentially new back tattoo Lizzy is also sporting blonde, almost white, hair which is quite the contrast to her usual more darker shade tones. She suits it, and it went perfectly with the stunning full length burgundy dress she wore that we are not sure isn’t a second skin. Ryan, as always, was perfectly complimentary wearing a simple black suit with a burgundy shirt and if you look close enough (which obviously we did because we are starved for gossip in these weird inbetween days) the cufflinks of his jacket match her necklace. Has that always been a thing? Does he always wear the same cufflinks, because she always wears the same necklace? How has no-one ever noticed this before? Or have we just forgotten it’s been so ling since we saw them together now?

Speaking of which, can our favourite power couple stick around now? No more long absences please, it turns out they aren’t all that fun. For now though, we have last night…and hopefully they are now on a plane to somewhere warm for New Year and they’ll let us in on the fun…”

Ryan’s voice finally trailed off and he closed his laptop, dropping it somewhere at the end of the bed and looking down at his girlfriend.

‘No mention of the gorgeous red head this time then?’ Lizzy asked, her voice muffled underneath the duvet that her head was still mostly buried under, not quite ready to accept that she is fully awake.

‘Did you hear me mention a red head? No.  Which is odd if you think about it because for weeks they tried to figure out who she was and the first time she actually does her job they don’t mention it.’

‘Are you in anyway surprised though?’

‘Of course not.’ Ryan laughed, pulling the duvet down away from her face slightly.

‘Are you done with them? With the whole unnecessary article reading thing?’ She asked, propping herself up on her elbows and quirking an eyebrow.

‘Given that Lola felt the need to send through 5 and I only actually read out one, I would say on the whole that you came out this lightly.’

‘Yes, because it so kind of you to spare me articles about myself that can basically be boiled down to “She’s alive…and blonde now?”‘

‘I know, it’s very kind of me.’

‘I miss channeling my inner Thomas Pynchon already.’ She pouted.

‘No one made you stop being Pynchon.’

‘Yes, you did. You presented me with a dress that I couldn’t not wear because it would be absurd and almost rude.’

‘I didn’t bring it to your attention, Dyl did.’

‘You’re all conspiring against me. I bet Pynchon didn’t have people appealing to his materialistic tendencies.’

‘I don’t think Pynchon was all that materialistic.’ Ryan pointed out.

‘You get my point.’

‘It’s gone 11, you getting out bed today?’

‘Can I plead jet lag and say no?’

‘You can if you really want, buuuutttt I have been reliably informed that a certain parent of yours is making brunch.’

‘Must you play so dirty?’

‘Some days, yes I must.’

‘I hate you. Yes, I am going to get out of bed.’

‘Yeah I know. I’ll see you downstairs.’

‘No, no wait. I wanna cuddle.’ Lizzy shuffled slightly upwards and pillowed her head on her head on Ryan’s chest.

‘It’s gonna be okay, you know that right. You’re gonna be okay.’ Ryan said, his voice slightly muffled by her hair as he pressed a kiss to the crown of her head.

‘Yeah I do. I’m just really into the symbolic nature of the year ticking over from 11:59 to midnight and bringing in with it a new year right now.’ She slid her arm around his front and wrapped it behind his back.

‘Yeah I know. Just two more days.’

‘Thank god!’ Ryan laughed softly and Lizzy’s eyes slowly slipped shut.

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