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Vicissitude 2

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Look it has a title! One that I don’t totally hate and one that is better than that placeholder I just left in place last week (which has now been changed, for the sake of continuity). So from here on out they shall be titled this. This is the 2nd one, even though technically it’s the 12th…

Hayden had finally crashed. Blissfully silenced himself mid-saucepan banging and just fallen asleep on the floor. I’d picked him up and dropped him on the sofa, covered him with a blanket and sat down for what felt like the first time all day.

Mia stumbled into the room a few minutes later rubbing her eye and looking at her phone.

‘Nice of you to join us.’ I joked.

‘It was a close call, but the saucepan parade really made the call for me.’

‘Yeah, it’s his new favourite thing. Sorry about that.’ I cast a glance at him to check he was still sleeping.

‘The psuedos?’

‘Dance and soccer.’


‘Okay no, they’re getting ice cream sundaes with people.’

‘What people?’ Mia sat down on the arm do the chair I was sat in.

‘Dance people. Sporty people.’ I shrugged.

‘Are you going to pick them up?’

‘No, one of the snobby moms is gonna handle that for me.’

‘They’re not all snobby moms.’

‘Most of them are Mia. The other day I want to pick them up for, admittedly the first time in a while, and a couple of them felt the need to comment on that fact. Some thinly veiled comments about Josh that I kind of blanked out. And apparently I need to keep a special eye on you because you’re close to something or other.’

‘You’d think they’d cut you some slack.’

‘They don’t know how to do that. They have to pass judgement on anything or everything.’

‘Where is Josh?’

‘At home. In New York.’

‘Oh yeah, I forgot about that.’


‘So, what are we doing tonight?’

‘I’m hoping for a pseudo sugar crash and early night for them and then Hayden will do what Hayden’s gonna do, leaving my night free to catch up on my fast approaching deadlines. You can pretty much do what you want.’

‘Can I order Thai food?’  She started playing with a strand of my hair.

‘Order enough for me as well.’

‘Can I have a friend come over?’ She almost mumbled it and I twisted to look at her.

‘Who’s the friend?’

‘His name is Blake and we’ve been kind of hanging out recently.’ A blush started blooming on her cheeks.

‘Was he there when you got arrested?’

‘Are you ever gonna let that go?’ She released my hair.

‘Eventually.’ I smiled.

‘And no, he wasn’t. He thinks the I’m kind of an idiot for the whole thing.’

‘He’s not alone.’

‘I know. I’m sorry. Can he come over or not?’

‘Yeah he can. Just fair warning, the pseudos are gonna interrogate him.’

‘Ah, I was hoping he could come by post bedtime.’ She started fiddling with my hair again.

‘Yeah sure.’ I answered easily, but she continued talking.

‘It’s just Scott and Lydia are intense you know. And Josh dealt with it well because he’s a 29 year old man who has his shit largely together. Blake’s 18 and pretty terrified of everything.’

‘No, I get it. Hopefully I can have them down by 9 latest.’

‘Good luck with that.’ She scoffed.

‘I’m hoping I won’t need it. Unlimited ice cream, lack of impulse control. They’ll be down without even realising what the time is.’

‘They’re gonna need an actual dinner Nix.’ She warned fondly.

‘Yeah I made a whole lasagna this afternoon, they can have that. What time did you actually get in this morning by the way?’


‘Well damn Mia.’

‘I let you know!’ She barked defensively.

‘Yeah I know you did. I’m not mad. I must have passed out or something.’

‘Do I need to say it?’ She asked, dropping my hair again in a plait.

‘No, Mia. You really don’t.’

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