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The prompt that I am using for this post actually made me laugh out loud when I re-read it at work today (because I was jiggling some scheduled posts around) because it suggests that I currently have some kind of routine, and as I am sure you can gather from this very sentence (and past blogs…and maybe my Twitter if you follow it), I do not have a writing routine. At least I don’t at the moment.

I used to and then I made some changes to my life (like started exercising after work, currently 4 nights a week) and that sort of threw things out. Where I had 3/4 hours to really sit down and think about what I was going to do the night before a post is due to be posted now I only have two. And I haven’t quite adapted to that and so I have taken to writing each post in a blur every day about an hour before it is due to be posted. And it is something that I am still trying to adapt to so that I can get back to having my blogging shit together.

In an ideal world (which let’s be real I can create) I would get a huge bulk of it all done on a Sunday and then get my proof reading down in those two or so hours between me getting home and me having to think about getting ready for bed. And then I would have most things in the bag and not have to do things in a blur…all that often, I am currently doing it daily and it’s started to get borderline stressful (I mean it doesn’t take much to stress me out, I’m of that disposition, but you get the point).

Outside of my blogging life there still isn’t much structure. Although there is seemingly more than there currently is with my blogging life. There are plans involved and research sometimes. There are notebooks everywhere and my hands spend time permanently smeared in ink, both black and red. I occasionally even have plots written down. There are dates so that I can keep track of when I’ve written things and when they’ve been edited. There are several documents of things that I have to somehow keep track of. There are words fucking everywhere basically, and I don’t always know what relates to what, but I figure it out eventually.

See, this is what I mean when I say that there is only slightly more structure to my writing life in comparison to my blogging life. There is slightly more pressure with my blogging life though given that it goes up on the internet and people see it on a more immediate basis…

I am trying to get better and start to try and organise it all a bit better because otherwise there is a slight risk that it is all going to get away from me and I don’t want that. I also currently also have most of my posts for the next couple of weeks planned and so I am in a better position to binge write on the weekend (and also I am currently plan-less for this weekend, bonus) and then things will settle.

So yeah, I laughed because there is basically no writing routine and it was only when I was faced with this prompt that I realised that it’s actually all in a greater sense of disarray than I had previously thought, in that where I thought there a little bit of a routine I realised that there was in fact none.

I’m flying by the seat of my pants right now (said to the tune of Satisfied). Although hopefully if I were to ever revisit this post I would be able to say otherwise and give a comprehensive break down of how great my writing routine is…

Let’s see if that happens shall we? (I feel like, knowing me, it will take longer than a few months potentially, but maybe I will prove myself wrong.)

Parentheses count: 7. See you tomorrow!

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