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So, in keeping with the fact that I set something akin to goals at the beginning of this year and the fact that we are now pretty much two months of the year down already I thought I would just have a little check in with myself as to where I stand with them all. I don’t in anyway think that I have made progress with them all, but I do know that recently I have actively been taking steps to try and adapt them into my day to day life and that baby steps are the way forward.

I’m just gonna through them as listed on my original post beginning with:

1) Take Better Care of My Hair – I mean, yeah I’m doing that. It’s getting washed once a week (I only need to wash it once a week thankfully, that’s one thing all these years have taught me) and co-washed mid week. It’s getting deep conditioned once a week too and tangle wise I mean it’s not tangled, so there’s that. The main thing I need to do really in order to take better care of it is happening this week and so from that point on I feel like I can start afresh.

2) Take Better Care of My Skin – I haven’t really made any changes to this yet. There aren’t that many I can do to be honest. I mean I cleanse, tone and moisturise it twice daily. I use a face mask once a week, I’ve upped my usage of charcoal based products because they work wonders for my skin, and it did kind of calm down a bit but recently I’ve broken out again. And I only really touch my face a whole bunch when I know that there are spots on my face. So yeah, that’s still a slight uphill battle and I’m still making small changes here and there to try and make it better. But it hasn’t gotten any worse so that seems like a good thing.

3) Tone The Hell Up – I’ve made some small changes to my diet and that’s helping. I’m currently working out 4 times a week, which I have recently upped from 3. And I’m trying to keep at that, working out 3/4 times a week and that is supplemented by the fact that I also do a lot of walking (and always have done). I’ve become more focused on really getting technique right and am also trying to do a range of work outs to try and keep it interesting and also work all aspects. There are small changes I am noticing and I mean I can get deeper in a push up now than I could at the beginning of the year which is a win. And also I’ve finally started to get why people say that exercise can improve a mood, my yoga class last Tuesday was a total game changer in way that I haven’t experienced before. So, yeah still trundling along with it.

4) Start Saving Properly – Gonna be honest, my attempts at this are still pretty half assed, but I have some plans in place and so that will slowly start to happen later in the year.

5) Get Better Organised – Again, this has sort of half happened. I go through phases where I get super organised and then I got through larger periods of time where I get things done just about on time. What I really need to do is just pick a date and then actively start trying to get my shit together from that point onwards…like 1st March…but that’s a Wednesday and that seems odd…see this is why I am terribly organised.

6) Try And Be More Creative/Just Write More – This is happening. So far I have posted something creative once a week (maybe not always on a Friday…looking at you last week) and it’s not proving to be all that hard. I mean to be honest that is because 90% of the stuff has already been written and was just living enclosed in notebook pages, but I’m gonna try and actively write new stuff a bit more to avoid falling completely into a writing rut. So yeah, this is half there half not. I still haven’t really sat down and worked out a plot for that thing yet, but soon. Real soon.

And that is the two month check in. How about you, if you set any resolutions (or whatever you want to call them) how are they going so far two months into the year?

Parentheses count: 4. See you tomorrow!

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