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This is something that is seemingly a bit random, especially given the fact that the day that this would have been perfect for has been and gone, but I like ranking films and forcing myself to think about what films I like and which ones I don’t and also doing the impossible and actually just narrowing it down to a certain number. In this case that number is 10, and the films in question are my good old friend, the romantic movie. I have the most bizarre taste in films, well maybe it’s not bizarre, but it varies massively. These films are mainly the ones that I find myself watching again and again regardless of whether or not they are considered award winning. They’re my comfort films. The easy to watch ones (except one, but I couldn’t not put on here because it’s fucking everything to me, even though it’s one I watch the least). They’re films I love and they are all mainly about love. (They are also in no particular order.) Oh, and happy 1st March!

1) When Harry Met Sally – Which I watched really late in the game a couple of years ago when I was unemployed and had a shit ton of time to fill. I get why it’s a classic.

2) The Proposal – I will watch this film whenever it is on, regardless of the stage that I come into it at. I will always laugh at it and I will always love it.

3) Crazy, Stupid, Love – I watched this film sooooo much when I was at uni. I could just throw it on and know that it wasn’t going to distract too much after a while but was also always going to make me laugh. I haven’t seen it in a while actually, I should really change that.

4) 27 Dresses – This film is not a masterpiece I know, but I have watched it a fair amount and it re-entered my life recently and it is the perfect amount of fluff for when you just want to totally disconnect for a while.

5) Love, Actually – Which I only watch once a year and didn’t watch last year for reasons. It is however one of the films that gets me feeling the most festive and it never fails to make me smile.

6) The Holiday – The other film that I only watch once a year, but usually multiple times over a 3 week period. I love it. I have never stopped loving it. It always puts me in a good mood and I always love the ending. Every single year.

7) 10 Things I Hate About You – It’s based on a Shakespeare play which is always going to be a winner with me. It also has Heath Ledger being bloody amazing, there is not an instance when I watch this film that I don’t miss him terribly. I haven’t watched it in a while actually so I should probably change that. I need a Heath fix. And to hear the bloody poem again, curse you Julia Stiles and that delivery.

8) Dirty Dancing – A total classic. One of my ultimate faves. I may never be over the whole finale and the lift remains a moment (and is one of the reasons that I love number 3…)

9) Brokeback Mountain – Yeah, Heath is back. Him and Jake Gyllenhall in this film is everything to me. This film hurts to watch each and every single time I watch it. The whole story is just so beautiful and visually it is stunning, but it’s heavy. So heavy. And I just can’t ever deal with the ending. The book was emotional enough, but the performances from the two male leads in this just makes it hurt all the more. (Let’s not talk about how bitter I remain all these years later that Crash beat this for best picture at the Oscars that year.)

10) Grease – I couldn’t leave this film off. I watch it all the time. I still don’t understand why they flew off in that car at the end and I will always love at Sandy and have a right old time singing along to We Go Together  and all its jibberish glory. And it’s a musical and we all know how much I love them right?

And there we have, a version of a Top 10 of my favourite romantic films, which I know for sure would change should I ever go to do this again, even as I am writing my sign off I am remembering films that I could have put on here but didn’t…I watch a lot of films that fall into this genre.

What about you? What are some of your fave films from this genre?

Parentheses count: 4. See you tomorrow!

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