Summer Soundtrack

Summer Soundtrack

For some reason in the summer months I am more aware of the music that I am listening to and the way that it relates to things that are happening, like a certain day out or a general feeling of happiness and for the past few years I have in some way or another made a note of the songs that sum up my summer.

So I am gonna do the same thing here this year, even though it is only August and summer isn’t necessarily over yet as a season…(therefore there may be a second one of these in September because as well as finding new songs,  I am also fairly certain that there are some songs that I have just forgotten about and am gonna remember them at another time)

1) MKTO, Classic

I am opening with a song I am not even sure I like 100%, but it is here because it is the one song that my best friend and I heard most when we were on holiday. It played in hotel lobbies, and in restaurants, and in our heads…and then we forgot about it because we weren’t exposed to it anymore. And then it came back into our lives the other week, only this time we had a song title and an artist, so we made progress with it. So regardless of whether I like it or not, it is a song that will always remind me of this summer.

2) Somebody to You, The Vamps ft Demi Lovato.

For some reason whenever I hear the beginning (or any part of it actually now that I think about it) of this song I feel instantly happier. Something about the drums and the video being on a beach I guess. It’s not even really attached to a memory or a moment or anything it is just one of those songs that I apparently can’t help but love.

3) Really Don’t Care, Demi Lovato ft Cher Lloyd.

While we are talking about Demi Lovato (kinda) another song that kind of reminds me of my holiday is this one. It occasionally cropped up as we went about our business, just not as often as ‘Classic’ did thankfully. It is the kind of song that I can’t help but jump around to and badly sing at the top of my lungs and also served to remind me why I love so many Demi Lovato songs.

4) Salute, Little Mix.

I played a game on the plane as to how many times I could listen to the same three songs before I couldn’t stand them, because what else is one to do when stuck on a dark plane surrounded by sleeping people in the early hours of the morning when you can’t sleep or concentrate on moving pictures? I didn’t actually ever get tired of any them surprisingly, nor do I have a favourite from the three but this one is here just because I am rather attached to the video (it was the first three songs on Salute, so the others were Move and Little Me if you wanted to know).

5) English Love Affair, 5SOS.

This is the summer I got really into 5 Seconds of Summer, mainly because I became mildly obsessed with She Looks So Perfect when it came out towards the beginning of the year, and summer saw an album come out. The beginning of this song instantly puts me in a better mood, similar to Somebody to You in that way, and that is always a good thing if you ask me.

6) Chains, Nick Jonas.

Slight confession, I got really into .Nick Jonas’ solo stuff the first time around. Call it a guilty pleasure if you will. I had kind of forgotten about that phase of my life to be honest and then he came out with Chains recently and I remembered. There is something about his vocals and lyrics that I just gravitate towards, especially now that his voice has matured a lot. And I am loving this song a whole lot right now and probably over use the repeat button when I listen to it.

7)  Bang Bang, Jessie J, ft Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj.

So as I was writing this I was just burning through songs on YouTube to soundtrack my writing and ended up on this song. I have kind of had mixed thoughts on it on the first few listens but listening to it this time I loved it. Something just clicked with it this time and all the elements that I was kind of questioning marking stopped being question marks and became things that I really appreciated about the song. So it made its way onto the list.

8) Chandelier, Sia.

I have been all about Sia’s song writing recently, because I am super late to this party, and Chandelier is weirdly the song that reminds me of my last month at uni this year. It was on repeat when I finished my exams and my friend and I had a mini bonding moment with our appreciation for it around that time as well. And the video is inspired and I love it oh so very much.

9) They All Want You, Lissie.

Another song that I got really into in the past week and I know it’s just gonna be repeated continually until further notice. It may or may not annoy other people with the frequency I guess we’ll see in the near future. The tone of Lissie’s voice is everything to me right now (I use this phrase a lot in my vocabulary, I don’t know how but I’m sorry) and I am very much looking forward to discovering the rest of her music.

10) Thinking Out Loud and Tenerife Sea, Ed Sheeran.

Oops, I’m having two songs in at 10 because I cannot choose between the two. I have tried and I can’t, it causes too much bother. Ed Sheeran’s second album soundtracked my July and these two songs just make me feel several emotions all at once and I love each and every single one of them.

11) Be Okay, Oh Honey.

Things can end at 11 right? Spinal Tap and all that jazz? Oh well. Final song of my summer soundtrack so far is this one. It almost reminds me of the way that Happy made me feel when it came out, except different if that makes sense. It is just upbeat and happy and also helps to remind of something every once in a while.

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