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Snapshot 2

Hi, Hey, Hello!

So this is another one in what I am now calling my ‘Snapshot’ series (because no, I couldn’t think of a better name, note to self: get betting at titles this year). The first one is here. As I said in the first one, these jump all over the place in terms of time line, so this one takes place before 1, but does give a little bit of background to things. 

On a side note I am for some reason currently drawn to writing characters that are famous in some way (both my lead characters in my Nano novel are actors, I dunno why, it just happened). That will come into play more in others in this series, but I am introducing it in this one. 


Ryan was twisting a ring around his finger while Zach answered the interviewer’s question. It was a standard question about the direction the music was heading and the three of them over time had decided that Zach was the best at answering those kind of questions.

His name coming out of the interviewer’s mouth was what prompted him to pay attention properly again.

‘Ryan, there’s been a lot of talk recently about your song writing on this next album and how it stems from personal experience, is that true?’

‘Oh, well yeah I guess. I mean I just write about what I know and play around with different perspectives and voices. It’s grounded in something I know but it hasn’t necessarily happened to me personally if you get what I mean.’

‘So what about the break up songs?’

‘Well I mean those are just an exaggeration of feelings that I felt when I was younger, but I could look at them from a more objective angle now that I’m a bit older.’

‘So you and Lizzy…’

‘Are still very much together, unless she’s upped and moved while I’ve been gone.’ Ryan laughed and shifted forward in his seat.

‘Has that gotten any easier? The distance, you’re still the only one of the three of you in a relationship.’

‘Yeah it has got a bit easier I guess. We’re both so busy at the moment that it’s almost like we don’t have time to miss each other, but also modern technology is a saviour. But Lizzy’s great, so it’s easy.’

‘What about the fans, they always have pretty strong opinions about you guys.’

‘They always have. Lizzy’s got a thick skin and ignores it on a whole. It hasn’t been an issue, if you can call it that, for a while.’

‘And is marriage on the cards?’ Ryan’s eyebrows knitted together before he answered the question with ease.

‘Oh, no. Not yet anyway. We’re not exactly in that place or whatever at the moment.’ The interviewer nodded and changed the subject back to the music. Ryan fell back into his seat and relaxed a bit, twisting the ring at a slower pace.


‘Liz, your boyfriend is on TV dressed all in black looking like a wet dream!’ Lola called out as Lizzy stirred sugar into her coffee. She walked into the room a few seconds later and looked briefly at the TV screen.

‘Meh, he’s looked better.’ She shrugged and settled into her seat.

‘When?’ Lola scoffed. Lizzy hummed before she responded.

‘Most mornings he spends a good ten minutes in a towel slung low on his hips, slightly damp and all muscle definition with his hair tied up and humming softly to himself.’

‘Can I be you for like a day?’ Lola joked.

‘Yeah sure, I’ll loan him out to you.’ Lizzy responded easily and humourously.

‘Are still very much together…’ The girls heard come from the TV and turned to pay attention to it properly, ‘…unless she’s upped and moved while I’ve been gone.’ Lola laughed and nudged Lizzy’s leg with her foot.

‘You gonna up and move before he gets back?’

‘He got back two days ago, everyone just thinks they flew in this morning and went straight on to promo stuff.’

‘So that’s a no?’ Lola asked.

‘He got back two days ago and this is the first time I’ve been out of bed.’ Lizzy clarified.

‘Definitely no.’ Lola said, mainly to herself.

‘Lizzy’s got a thick skin and ignores it on the whole.’

‘God do you still get shit about your relationship?’ Lola asked shocked.

‘Yeah, kinda. I don’t know, I don’t pay much attention to it anymore, there’s no point. He’s right, I ignore it.’ Lizzy shrugged and took a sip from her mug.

‘People are crazy.’

‘The internet gives people a power like no other.’

‘We’re not exactly in that place or whatever at the moment.’

‘How have you got a boyfriend who is so unflustered by the idea of marriage? Summer mentioned marriage around Danny the other night and he turned a shade of red I have never seen before.’ Lola asked almost incredulously.

‘Summer has no tact. You’ve been with Danny for just over a year, marriage is a bit soon, so you’re better off ignoring her questions. And the question doesn’t bother him because we know where we are in this relationship…’

‘Where is that?’ Lola interjected.

‘Where we are. We don’t need the engagement or the fuss or the wedding and a piece of paper. We’re happy and also both far too busy to plan a wedding. So the question doesn’t bother us.’

‘Ryan is unfairly attractive you know that right?’ Lola sighed, content with Lizzy’s answer and focusing on Ryan on the screen as he absent-mindedly twirled his ring again.

‘His attractiveness is not lost on me. Stop being jealous, Danny is equally attractive if you like that sort of thing.’

‘I’m not jealous per se. Just appreciative of his presence in my life.’

‘He’s on TV and was in the posters that adorned your bedroom wall and also on buses and in shops. He’s always been in your life and he always would’ve been.’

‘You know what I mean.’ Lizzy rolled her eyes anyway.

‘Can we stop talking about Ryan? Let’s move onto how Danny blushed like a tomato when Summer brought up marriage, because if you ask me that’s a sign he’s thought about it at least once.’

‘We haven’t talked about it together but maybe he has. I dunno, we’re young everything seems more intense. It seems too early to have that serious a discussion.’

‘Not necessarily. Age doesn’t have to be a factor. It can just seem intense because you’ve never felt it before.’

‘But you would say that because you’re happily in a long term relationship and you’ve forgotten what the early stages were like.’

‘I got in mine when I was 20, which if I know maths means I was a year younger than you are now and mine was a famous. When you know, you just do.’

‘How did you snag him anyway? I feel like I spend my whole life right now catching up with you and your life because there are so many years I missed out on in not liking you.’

‘I saved him from a mob of slightly drunk girls by pulling him into a disabled toilet in a club because the noise they were creating was making my head hurt in my drunk state. He held my hair while I threw up and snuck us out so he could take me home, I woke up in his guest bedroom 16 hours later with a glass of water and two Nurofen on the table next to me.’

‘And then what?’ Lola prompted quietly.

‘Then I went to the kitchen and ate the 2 bacon sandwiches he made for me wordlessly. After that I realised properly who he was and he kind of went on the defensive for 10 minutes before he realised I gave no shits.’

‘Aaaannnnndddd???? Come on, that’s a cute meeting but doesn’t explain how we’re here.’ Lola bounced in her seat twice.

‘I went home. Then three days later he’s standing behind me in the Starbucks near campus and buying my coffee and a surprise cookie. So I tell him I have to return the favour because that was the second thing he had done for me and offered to cook him dinner. Two days later he’s in my house and we’re eating dinner and having a right laugh. He kind of didn’t leave for two days and then he went to Europe for promo.’ Lizzy ended with a shrug.

‘You’re still not in a relationship in this tale Liz.’ Lola all but whined.

‘So he texts me four days after he leaves and tells me he swears he’s not sleeping around or anything and that he wanted to see me again when he was back home. And well the only question mark I had about giving it a shot was the fact that he came with a bunch of screaming people and a semi bad rep and that wasn’t fair to hold against him, so I didn’t. Two weeks later he showed up at my house with Dominos and we watched musicals while I finished an essay. It was so fucking easy and domestic and perfect and now we’re here.’

‘Even that story is fucking cute. Why are you two so cute all the time?’

‘We’re not.’ Lizzy mumbled.

‘When was the last argument you had?’ Lola challenged.

‘Last night…about takeout…’

‘See! Biggest fight you’ve ever had?’ She prompted and Lizzy took a deep breath and closed her eyes briefly.

‘A year into our relationship I cracked and accused him of cheating on me. He didn’t talk to me for over a week, nearly two.’

‘Shit.’ Lola huffed out.

‘I was a final year working my arse off for a first and had essays and books and revision and a dissertation coming out of my eyeballs. I was this big bundle of stress and then there was this influx of the media talking about his sex life, because he kept going to these parties and leaving with all these different people, and it got to me. I cracked and told him that if he wanted sympathy or compassion or some kind of reaction from someone then he should go back to one of those girls he had been fucking for the past week. I was too stressed to even care that he stormed out of my house with hurt and anger in his eyes. Then I realised just how awful what I had done was but I focused on my work and got my exams done because otherwise the whole argument would kind of been pointless. He had invited me to this after party for something and the date was the same as my last exam. So I went and he ignored me for most of the night but I socialised as best as I could and eventually got talking to Tommy Lintz and apparently Ryan couldn’t deal with that. He forced himself into the conversation and kept his hand on my back until we left. The most jealous I have ever seen him.’

‘Well Tommy Lintz was probably the only person that the media enjoyed painting as a serial shagger more than Ryan. He was also kind of a dick, unlike Ryan.’

‘So we talked and then a couple of weeks later he went to Australia for three weeks and it sucked. But it was probably a good thing that he went because I think it kind of made us realise that we loved each other. It was a bad couple of months, but so far that’s the worse it’s been. It’s the closest I’ve ever been to questioning why we were even trying at being in a relationship, and I think it’s the same for him.’

‘Is the distance thing hard?’ Lola asked gently.

‘It’s hard when I want a hug or someone to just know when I need reassurance about something. And it’s hard when I automatically cook for two people then realise I’m alone. But at this point it’s easier than it used to be. I’m better at dealing with it.’

‘And you don’t doubt him anymore?’ Lola’s voice was still gentle.

‘I don’t think I really did back then, but I was pushing him out and that was the easiest way to do it. I went for his weak spot knowing it would do what I wanted. But no, I don’t doubt him, he gives me no reason to.’

‘Good you shouldn’t, because his eyes light up when he talks about you and whenever you’re in a room he is always drawn to you. Plus I think you’re the only person he willingly lets wear his jumpers.’ Lola reassured.

‘Yeah Danny mentioned that weird act of possession.’ Lizzy laughed.

‘It was hilarious.’

‘The man loves his knitwear. I’m grateful for the collection.’


‘What are your plans for the rest of the day anyway?’ Lola changed the subject.

‘I don’t really have any. I’m waiting for my editor to get back to me so I don’t have to worry about that. Ryan is busy until later, so I’m kind of floating around.’ Lizzy answered.

‘We could have a pizza and movie day?’ Lola asked tentatively.

‘Then let’s have a pizza and movie day.’

‘Can I ask you one more question, a bit of a random super personal one?’

‘Shoot.’ Lizzy shrugged.

‘When does he look like your wet dream? Cos I know with Danny it’s when he’s wearing low slung joggers and only them.’

‘When he wears light blue denim jeans which he pairs with these black boots, that I am full on in love with, and a white shirt.’

‘Ugh, like what he wore to Dad’s party?’ Lola groaned.

‘Almost exactly.’ Lizzy laughed.

‘He looked good. Everybody thought so.’ Lola stated.

‘He kept the shirt on that night.’ Lizzy said cheekily.

‘You’re cruel.’

‘I like to aid my sister’s lust over my boyfriend.’ Lizzy nudged Lola’s leg with her foot.

‘He can’t beat my boy though.’ Lola joked, with a serious undertone to her voice.

‘Good because I wouldn’t let you have him anyway.’

‘Wouldn’t dream of it. If I believed in soulmates I know you’ve found yours.’

‘Still might up and leave before he gets home though.’ Lizzy laughed and Lola rolled her eyes fondly.

Parentheses count: 2. (Now it’s 3, because I just remembered something, I have organised my blog out and sorted pages and stuff out to make everything a bit more organised, because something in my life has to have some organisation to it and I elected it to be this blog for the time being). See you next week!

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