No Post on Sundays…

(…except on the internet where on this blog there is in fact a post every Sunday. And today there are two…)

Hi, Hey, Hello!

Firstly, I am excited announce that coming this week  there is a guest post coming from the wonderful Thistles and Whistles. We got to talking through Blogging 201 (thank you e-mail) and brainstormed some ideas that could benefit both of our blogs and came up with one. T&W’s post will go up on here next week and mine will show up on her blog soon as well, so look out for that! (Also if anyone else wants to get together and do a bit of guest blogging, then get in touch!)

Secondly, today is International Women’s Day and over on Youtube #dearme videos have been cropping up in honour of it. Now I am not a vlogger, but I am a writer and I can write that letter to my younger self with relative confidence (just don’t ask me to read it). So I did. That will show up on my blog later today if you want to read it.

Thirdly, I am maybe, potentially, completely undecided at this current moment in time, tentatively saying that I might take part in Camp Nano next month. I haven’t yet decided if I am crazy enough to commit to any kind of mammoth writing task so soon after Nano (although is 5 months soon? Am I still just firmly nestled in that Nano world that I created and I didn’t know it until now?). The thing is Camp Nano offers a lot more freedom, primarily in terms of word count which is good, and I do have about 3 potential ideas that I could work with if I just brainstorm the plot and character build and stuff.  It mainly depends on circumstances for April. So maybe, potentially…

Fourthly, I baked a cake this week. More specifically my brother and I baked a cake. It was a lemon drizzle cake and yes it looks a little burned, but it was for my mum and we got away with it because she likes things erring on the side of almost burnt to a cinder. It actually looks more burned in this picture than it was in life and it tasted good. The reason this is news that I feel the need to talk about is because I am not a baker. I haven’t really baked anything (I do not count the times that my best friend roped me in as aide because they don’t count I hardly do anything. But I am damn good mixer.) in about 8 years. I decided on a whim to bake this cake because it was my mum’s birthday on Wednesday and it was one that kind of warranted a surprise cake. I am not saying that I now have a particular bug for baking or anything, but I can kind of get the appeal. I can also get why people on Bake Off get so emotional about it all. I do also have left over basic ingredients, so maybe I will use them up. I do need some kind of hobby, maybe baking can become mine…

And lastly, I conclude my excessive talk about coffee this past month with this:

Parentheses count: 6. See you on Sunday!

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