Guess what I’m doing…again

Hi, Hey, Hello!

In answer to that question, I’m doing Camp Nano.

Although I am not doing that crazy thing of churning out 50,000 words this time. I have gone for a much calmer 15,000 that I am spreading over two projects because my focus problems are all over the place and I apparently can’t concentrate on just one of them. The main reason for that is I have two ideas that both have beginnings in my head and neither will leave me alone, one of the plots is more fleshed out than the other but they are both there just niggling away at me while I try to sleep mainly. So I am doing them both, slowly. Because life is happening around me and I should probably deal with that as opposed to just live in a world with fictional, and in some cases mythological, characters.

Speaking of life, another thing I am doing is reclaiming mine back after Wimbledon stole it from me. I’m not all that surprised because it happens to me for those two weeks every year since I was about 16 (GCSE’s were over, I was home mostly alone a lot and daytime TV isn’t always the best, so tennis it was. And still is in June/July time at least). But when I say reclaim my life I basically just mean I’m finally concentrating on other things other than break points and double faults at bad times for nearly 7 hours of the day (yes, really), like catching up on all the TV I missed…and getting back on the job hunt thing which has, I will admit, hit a bit of a lull recently.

Also for various reasons I am feeling super nostalgic this week and I am once again reminded that that feeling is both a blessing and a curse. I am undecided as to which one it is for me right now.

That’s pretty much it for today, short and a little bit disjointed one I know, but these posts happen sometimes (and there was more of a theme than that one time that I pretty much talked in circles for 500 or whatever words!).

(Just realised that it is also half way through the 7th month of the year and I just…what the hell?)

Anyway, parentheses count: 4. See you on Sunday!

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Sophie, twenty-something, avid reader, writer, really good at watching whole seasons of TV shows in one weekend and using 10 words where 5 will do, overzealous user of the ellipsis and parentheses, starts too many sentences with ‘and’ and ‘so’, living in a continual state of Wanderlust.

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