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Love, Love, Love Week 1

Hi, Hey, Hello!

As I mentioned on Monday, Fridays are the day when I collect some of my favourite things that I have read this week, because sharing is caring (and those words were also said on Monday, I might overuse that phrase). Some weeks are probably gonna have more posts than others (because sitting down to actually read books is easier to do on some nights than on others) but let’s just start with week 1 (also bear with me, that title is subject to change I still need to not be shit at titling things).

  1. Are you Battling a Blogging Slump? – Sometimes things trickle into your life just when you need them most. This was most definitely the case with Karen’s post. It served as a great reminder to myself at a time when I really, really needed it (because there was a small part of me that felt bad about jumping ship the last two weeks of August). So yeah.

2. 8 Tips for Starting a Healthier Lifestyle – Sometimes motivation from somewhere else is the thing that you need because self-motivation is slowly getting harder. And that’s what Joanna’s post did the other day.

3. The Travel Diaries: Budapest July 2015 – I pretty much devour anything that involves talk about another city/country. Because I am a masochist who loves to add fuel to the fire that is my desire to travel. Budapest moved way up my list of European cities that I want to visit after reading Molly’s post.

And then this because it made me laugh yesterday.

Parentheses count: 4. See you tomorrow!

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6 thoughts on “Love, Love, Love Week 1”

  1. Awwh Sophie I’m sooo honoured you picked my post as one of your ‘Loves’ of the week – you’ve absolutely made my day huni!!!! Chuffed to bits 😀 Thank you so much… so happy to got over that August slump 😉 Keeping up the awesome blogging *hugs* xxx

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