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So during a lunch break a couple of weeks ago I got distracted by a Buzzfeed article and before I knew it I had bought a bunch of journals to make my way through. I went for ones that would channel my creativity in some way or were just great places to dump thoughts in (can’t do all of that on the blog…or publicly at all actually) and so I ended up with quite a little selection in the end.

Now this post is pretty much going to be just a first impressions kind of post because I haven’t actually started to really use them yet, but I know that I will in the upcoming weeks as I take on a little blog project next month (I will talk more about that tomorrow). There is going to me a much greater need to kickstart my creativity or just to clear my head. I will probably write another review come November when they have broken spines and black ink (or green, which I randomly took to writing in at work last week) covering the pages.

Wreck This Journal – Keri Smith

Not gonna lie, I bought this one over a year ago now…then I lost it and only just rediscovered the other day when it fell on me as I was looking for a hoodie (which turned out to not even be in my room in the end, but I digress). So it has a few pages have been completed and the edges of the pages have been coated in red and black, but other than that it’s empty.

On a quick re-flick through it I have remembered how ‘out there’ some of the pages are (‘chew on this page’ is one of them…I can’t pull a Jimmy Kimmel at the Emmy’s this year I don’t think…no I know. I probably won’t do that). But some of the pages do seem like the kind that would help let out some frustration or be a good outlet for a reckless kind of creativity.

Side note: I am mildly obsessed with the way that some people approach this journal, some are so creative and inspiring and beautiful.

Good Shit/Bad Shit – Dan Marshall

When I first flicked through it my first thought was that it was pretty repetitive. And then I slept and when I thought about it I realised that it was probably a good thing. Sometimes just having a place to write down everything, good or bad, is a perfect thing. Especially when you know that you have more than one page to do it with.

Plus it has some quotes in it that act as inspirational and that can never be a bad thing.

642 Tiny Things to Write About – San Francisco Writers’ Grotto

First of all this book is actually tiny, which is not the most convenient of things but that is a small thing (pun not intended). It is a great book full of small things that could spark some idea, small or eventually mammoth (which let’s face it can totally happen with me, I mean I have written something that is the equivalent of an actual novel because of ONE tiny image that wouldn’t leave me alone at the back end of last year and keep going back to).

Some of them might not be as applicable to me as it has a few American references, however there are 642 in here so that shouldn’t be too hard. This will probably take up residence in my bag, because it is small enough and I am more likely to need it in random places like on the train or during my lunch break.

Start Where You Are – Meera Lee Patel

First of all the cover of this book is bloody beautiful. Then there are all the stunning illustrations that form the quotes in this journal. So it’s just really pretty to look at. And oddly calming as well, which I am taking as a massive positive.

However, obviously that is not the reason I bought it (I had no idea what it would actually look like, I bought it online). I did that because as I said last week I need to get my damn thoughts in order and this looks like a great place to channel them all. I mean it has a sub-title of ‘a journal for self-exploration’ which seems like a pretty good place to start. So I will.

And that’s it, the four journals that have entered my life on a more regular basis (which isn’t all that hard given that they were just sat on top of a table in my room for a few weeks beforehand). I’ll let you know how I feel about them soon-ish.

Parentheses count: 9. See you tomorrow!

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