24 Hours in the City

Hi, Hey, Hello!

Me again! This time talking about something a little bit different.

Today I wanted to share with you a guide to my city if you were to have just 24 hours to spend in it. I love finding new events or fun spots in my area and I usually get help from Eventbrite to do so. They also have Event Management Software to help plan events too.

Onto my guide, which isn’t going to take place in the actual place that I grew up but rather in the larger city that I will always tell people I am from because it is way easier and saves me having to answer the millions of follow up questions that come my way when I say I am from anywhere but London. And in actual fact I live less than half an hour away from the city so…yeah, it’s home. All you need is an oyster/travel card and you’re ready to go.

First stop is Spitalfields Market, the easiest way to get there is to go Liverpool Street station and then walk on over. For breakfast, because apparently all days should start with that, there are plenty of places to take your pick from (bit of a warning so much of this list is food based, it’s hilarious. What can I say it makes up a large portion of my life, my Twitter should be evidence enough of that) and then you can just have a little wander around as there is heaps on offer there and you are bound to find something that will catch your fancy. Or if not, you could just set up shop somewhere and people watch because that’s always an experience.

Next stop is a 15/20 minute walk away and is the perfect place to stop for coffee and…CAKE. I most definitely eat too much cake (although I also firmly believe that there is no such thing as too much cake…all in one sitting yes. In a general sense? Never.) which is why it should definitely be taken very seriously (not really) when I say that the dark chocolate and almond brownie is the greatest thing ever. It is really that great (if you like brownies I guess). A special mention to the caramel slice which is two of my favourite things smashed together, so also delightful. Throw in coffee and a great atmosphere and you’re onto a winner. It’s a nice place for a little afternoon (or whenever) pick me up.

Now my next step involves going to Regent’s Park (I kind of jump all over the place in this I know, good thing the city is well connected), because I love a good park. Especially when I can go to a park at my favourite time of day. Which is sunset. (Perfectly timed at around 5 right now this season, which means I am very much enjoying walking around to the train station at the moment. But I digress.) Regent’s Park is b-e-a-utiful. So stunning. I love it very much. It may be my favourite park in London. (I am partial to Hyde Park sometimes because sitting by The Serpentine, at certain times, is my happy place). There is no other reason for me including it on my list other than the fact that’s it’s really pretty and a nice solace in the city.

Okay final stop is….Covent Garden. Because you can’t not go there (I think so anyway). At this time of year up until Christmas (damn that’s fast approaching isn’t it, still slightly in denial about that one) it get’s particularly pretty. Despite the fact that’s it’s busy as hell most days of the week I find there is something weirdly calming about Covent Garden. The cobbled streets, all the performers, the weird blend of the modern and the old and the buzz of the place makes it one of those places that I value every second of the time that I do spend there (which isn’t as often as I would perhaps like). There are heaps of things to do there, be it eating (I am always with the food) or something else. The area is your oyster, I’m sure you could find something to take your fancy.

And those are my 24 hours (kinda, I mean it would take a fair portion of the day and you might want to sleep at some point…). Writing this has kinda make me want to go to Covent Garden though…

Main sign off

Parentheses count: 13. See you tomorrow!

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2 thoughts on “24 Hours in the City

  1. Ooh I liked this different kind of post, for someone that hasn’t regularly visited London, it’s good to know how you would spend a day there yourself. I think I need to do Covent Garden at Christmas, it’s my favourite time of year after all!

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