Letters to Autumn 5

Letters to Autumn 5

Dear Autumn,

It dawned on me the other day that there is a huge perk to your arrival (and yes, I’m talking about the weather again, is this being an adult? Frequent talk of the weather?).

Your sunsets fall at the perfect time.

While those around me lament that the nights are creeping up and consuming more of the days, I’m sat in the corner reveling in the fact that when I leave work and settle onto the train the sun is setting. That’s a perk that has come with your bright, clear days.

A time of day that I previously never truly got to enjoy as much as I would want because it would fall at a time when I was well and truly settled at home (although I did catch it’s morning sister accidentally more times than I can count this year) is now one that I get to spend a whole hour with.

The pages of my book get a deep yellow glow as the low rays break through buildings and trees. Sometimes I get a little blinded as the train emerges from the tunnel for the first time and the barely there warmth through the window reminds me of what time it is. My walk down the hill to my house comes with purples, oranges and deep blues as well as a subtle drop temperature that is a sign of things to come.

And it’s beautiful.

So, while it lasts, I’m gonna enjoy my quality time with twilight.

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