Letters to Autumn 7

Letters to Autumn 7

Dear Autumn,

It is no secret that I love music. It comprises most of my life. Not a day goes by where I don’t spend at least some portion of it listening to music. It fills the silences, it reflects my mood, it put things into words that I can’t. There are go to classics that I know will always be waiting for me and there are the songs that I have complex relationships and there are the ones that I will never forget the words to. Ever.

Then there is new music. Hearing a song for the first time and feeling something click and change for the better (or the worst) is one of my favourite feelings in the world. Add to the mix that song being a show tune and the feeling gets even better.

That is what my yesterday consisted of. Continual moments where I was stopped in my tracks at the sheer genius that is a Broadway Cast Recording. The Hamilton one in particular.

The lyrical genius that made me pause my reading and just sit in appreciation for almost the majority of both my train journeys. The beautiful story telling that came across through song alone. The vocals. Good grief the vocals. Stunning and flawless and emotive (and that is not how you’re supposed to compose a list, I know). The perfect coming together of everything that makes songs stick with you.

The beauty of hearing the opening bars of a song and knowing that it’s going to unfold into something beautiful. Something that won’t get annoying even if it is all you listen to for an hour. Something that reveals something different to you with every listen.

Hearing it (the soundtrack) hark back to itself and realising that that thing from an earlier song is going to become important again. The way it can create an image, on that you know it would be something big when it is performed on stage. The strong, strong urge to be part of an audience and hear those voices live. Feel the vibe of the show and the thrum of the music. The production and the lights. Witness the greatness that presents itself so clearly in a recorded version play out before your very eyes.

The comfort that comes with knowing that you have found something new to love and devour. The comfort in knowing that it is there to keep. There to go back to. To fall in love with again and again. To notice something different. To hear a song you thought you knew but all of a sudden hear it in a whole new light. To have something that seems static and yet is somehow always evolving.

Having the icing on the cake being that you know that you get to do it again because there is always something new to be discovered with music.

And I love that possibility.

Main sign off

(Parentheses count: 4.)

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