Letters to Autumn 12

Letters to Autumn 12

Dear Autumn,

The change to you always starts slowly and then progresses very quickly for me.

I can feel the edges of my curves tint a golden shade of yellow as the month of September rolls on. The colour looks deeper and richer in the late summer sun that always seems to be around at this time of year.

Slowly, that gold creeps along my surface and the edges develop into a deep red, one that looks orange in some light. Those ‘autumnal’ colours blend seamlessly into one another until the meet the harsh green in the middle.

That green tries to cling on for as long as possible, but the gold always, always takes over. Soon I take on your autumnal tone. It’s reluctantly, I have no choice. That’s the way my life cycle goes.

My fellow counterparts go down the same route as me. I guess we all suffer together in that respect. Some of us meet our fate quicker than others. A downpour takes some and they get drowned out of their summer home and fall down onto pavements or into gutters. There they are forgotten, trod on, swept up. They lose their appeal very quickly.

I suppose it might be seen as a good thing to fall off and float down to the ground naturally. At least it’s well…natural. But that comes with it’s own set of issues. For one we become the ‘ripe’ ones. You know, the ones that look like they will make a satisfying crunching sound when trod on. So they are stomped on with heavy feet, smashed into submission and then treated the same as every other one. Carelessly.

There is only a short period of time where we are appreciate and yes, that does occur with you Autumn. We make our way into well framed photos, we create a nice golden glow to the streets, we make everything look temporarily warmer before the harsh cold and the icy surfaces of your cousin Winter.

Aesthetically we work for everyone else, but personally your season is a dangerous time for us. We rarely make it to winter. And if we do, then we watch ourselves become a slippery inconvenience. Almost become a danger and that’s never a good thing.

So in some ways it’s better to go out quick…

And maybe it’s good to have a bit of a crunch to you, that can make a person’s day.

Main sign off

(yeah, I did actually write something from the perspective of a leaf during this season…I don’t know either. But there we go. Parentheses count: 1.)

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