Letters to Autumn 24

Letters to Autumn 24

Dear Autumn,

There is something reassuring about old habits.

Not the bad ones, the ones that were toxic to your life and have lifted a dark cloud since you’ve stopped partaking in them.

But the other ones. The ones that just stopped being habit because circumstances changed. They changed for the better (fun fact those words make me think of Wicked) but they changed nonetheless and you have to adapt accordingly.

And you think that maybe those habits have disappeared over time because they have been so dormant for long and then you are given the chance to slip back into them and it feels like pulling on a really snuggly, well worn jumper that you had forgotten existed in the back of your wardrobe because it wasn’t needed until now (all about keeping it seasonal here Autumn).

In this case I am talking about the fact that I reverted back to my lazy as hell habits yesterday. I’m in the midst of a long weekend and yesterday before I went actually something nice with my day (like spend time with my brother) I sat and watched This Morning in my pajamas and lazed around on my sofa until well after noon.

Because yup, that is how I spent my mornings when I was unemployed.

The afternoons were full of various things to keep be busy well into the night, but my mornings? They were dedicated purely to doing nothing but getting occasionally annoyed at a certain segment and appreciating the true randomness that is that show. And eating breakfast, yesterday it was bagel and honey because apparently that is my thing right now.

It became a habit that I enjoyed. And never really cared all that much what people thought about it. I was more affected by the fact that the set changed and I had no idea what it looked like in September then I thought I would be.

But now I know.

And I am also feeling something less of a sleep deranged human being for the first time in a while. So yesterday was a good day.

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