Writing 101- Why I Write

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So as this is Nano month and I mentioned in one of my letters last month that I had actually planned out all of my posts for this month, I now have to make good on those plans. And this is how I plan to go about doing that.

By belatedly doing the Blogging University Writing 101 course. I saw this crop on my reader back when you could register and then forgot to register…which turned out to be fine as I started Letters to Autumn instead. Anyway, the lovely Thistles and Whistles did take part in it and I just made a note of all the days (I think, and if not…well I’m not changing it, this month has worked out perfectly) and I’m gonna do them now.

So the plan for this month is: Monday-Thursday a Writing 101 prompt, Friday and Saturday have returned to pre-October times and 3 out of the 4 Sundays left of this month will be Snapshot dedicated, except (you guessed it) the last Sunday which will be purely dedicated to my good old friend music (without the Hamilton soundtrack this month…I will show restraint, I will. But I am still listening to it repeatedly).

Admin done, on with the point of this post. Trying to answer that real easy question of ‘why I write’.

Honestly? It’s kinda the only thing I am sort of good at. Or think I’m good at. It’s pretty the only thing I have never at any point been like ‘no you can’t do this, you’re shit.’ I have never fallen out of love with it. I mean we have had our rough patches and stuff, (but what doesn’t have those moments?) but I have never wanted to give it all up and try and find something else to occupy my time with (it would be colouring in at the moment, because that shit is calming as hell (oxymoron I know)).

I have been frustrated at myself for not being able to get words out and onto a page more times than I can count (I don’t know if I have ever mentioned it, but I was an English student…) and I question whether I actually have a comprehension of the English language just as much. But no matter how hard we fight against each other the issue is always resolved. There is always that one thing that reminds me of why I love it so much. That keeps me coming back to that blank space and nothing but whatever the hell is in my head.

Another reason is that it’s cathartic. Whether I’m writing fiction or not, just getting words out into the ether and them not being in my head sometimes feels like a weight has been lifted, as cliche as that sounds. There is a lot of stuff that literally just exists as a note in my phone because I just needed to put it down somewhere and then I forgot about it until the next time I opened up a note to repeat that process.

I guess it’s also a good marker for myself as well. I can see progression (or regression) in myself. I can remember how something felt at the time and how I definitely don’t feel like anymore. In some cases I can see myself improve and because my brain is like a sieve sometimes I can take a trip down memory lane and see all the things I have written and think about how I would change something if I ever did it again. And I like that for me anyway, writing is this living, breathing thing that is always evolving and developing.

So, that’s why I write.

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Parentheses count: 8. See you tomorrow!

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Sophie, twenty-something, avid reader, writer, really good at watching whole seasons of TV shows in one weekend and using 10 words where 5 will do, overzealous user of the ellipsis and parentheses, starts too many sentences with ‘and’ and ‘so’, living in a continual state of Wanderlust.

4 thoughts on “Writing 101- Why I Write

  1. “just getting words out into the ether and them not being in my head sometimes feels like a weight has been lifted, as cliche as that sounds. ” I can really relate to most of the things you wrote but especialy this idea. To me writing is a psychological process that contribtes to my peace of mind and growth on somay levels. Gret post!

    1. I totally get that, I actually forgot I wrote that sentence, but it still rings so true, maybe more so right now. Thanks for reading x

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