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Love, Love, Love Week 5

Hi, Hey, Hello!

It’s back. On a Friday where it’s supposed to be and all things crossed it shall remain here for the remaining 5 Fridays that are left of the year (for this blog, there are 6 left in the year if you were wondering. The last one being THE day that I am in this weird limbo place with right now as it stands). And happy Friday the 13th!

How to Make Pinterest work for you and Blog Prompts – Bourbon, Lipstick and Stilettos

The first one because Pinterest is one of those things that I get a ton of emails from daily that I do read and think yeah I’ll get around to it later and then never do. I feel like it I get into a habit with it then it will work, and this has some handy ideas on how to that. The second one is just a helpful little post for those days where inspiration is all but non-existent. (Which to be honest feels like my entire month so far, I’m gonna try and have a little word count catch up session this weekend because it is slowly coming back to me. I mean snail’s pace slow, but coming back nonetheless).

19 Best of My ‘How To’ Posts – Thirteen Posts

I am slowly making my way through this masterpost of  ‘how to’ posts and they are proving super helpful for just little flashes of inspiration. Or in some cases just a nice read.

Here’s Some Proof that Nostalgia Isn’t Dead – Gemma Styles

Basically my relationship with books/e-readers summed up. I may never get over the reassuring feeling of the gradual weight redistribution as I make my way through a book. I am very much enjoying that feeling right now with The Secret History. But I imagine my parents would rather I pushed paused on the physical book buying thing because they are EVERYWHERE in the house now (along with my shoes).

How Hamiliton uses History – Joanne B Freeman

I mean we all know that I am obsessed with this right? I have mentioned enough on here and it crops on my Twitter almost daily, although I have made the first step in getting some distance from it now. But, anyway, this cropped up on my Twitter timeline yesterday and I spent my lunch break reading it.

And finally this website is a good place to spend your procrastination time; Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls

Parentheses count: 3. See you tomorrow!

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