Summary Saturday

Summary Saturday

Hi, Hey, Hello!

Cheers to the freaking weekend! I say that I am mainly going to be picking up a couple of deliveries that arrived for me this week, taking a trip to Superdrug for the really boring everyday stuff and scribbling furiously away in a notebook trying to get some ideas down (for both Nano and because I am not 100% sure whether tomorrow’s post is actually finished yet…oh yeah by the way another two parter is coming up for Snapshot). Plus eating, I might even get some ice cream, I have a slight craving for it…

Anyway this week on Keep Going the following as cropped up;

Snapshot 39b

Writing 101 – Let Social Media Inspire You

Writing 101 – The Space to Write

Writing 101 – Hook ’em With a Quote

Writing 101 – Expand a Comment

Love, Love, Love Week 5

Parentheses count: 1. See you tomorrow!

sign off 2

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