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Love, Love, Love 6

Hi, Hey, Hello!

So it’s Friday, doesn’t really feel like one but I guess that’s what happens when you don’t go to work for a day.  My week has pretty much been a cycle of thinking that I am no longer sick and then being hit straight in the face with it at the most random of times. And also finding Lady C hilarious in I’m a Celeb this year.

Plus doing a bit of reading:

The Independent Guide to Walt Disney World 2016 – I spend a sizeable amount of my time planning a trip to DisneyWorld/DisneyLand that isn’t gonna happen for a long while. So this post from the lovely Adele was both a blessing and a curse. Now off I go back to the fantasy planning.

Neil Gaiman  on Storytelling In the Age of the Internet and Other Oddities – I love Neil Gaiman. I just do, I love reading interviews with him and I love reading the books he has written. I just have a lot of appreciation for him, so I found this an enjoyable read.

16 Charming Bookshops in the UK Everyone Must Visit – I am weirdly (probably not that weird actually) obsessed with bookshops. In all guises. So when I came across a whole Buzzfeed article about all the cute ones in the UK I fell instantly in love with it. And also had the thought that I might jut have to do a tour around the country through bookshops alone.

9 Shows on Netflix That Might Actually Inspire your Job Search – I am not looking for a job right now (honestly still feels a little bit weird to say that even though it’s been nearly 5 months now), but this has some great things to watch in a general sense. And I cannot recommend Chef enough, I loved it. However, word of warning (and the title alludes to this) do not watch this when you are hungry. And even you’re not, it will probably make you hungry (or maybe that is just me).

And that’s it for another week as I head off to watch something on Netflix (probably Jessica Jones) (and also a total lie because this will post when I am an hour from lunch and 5 and a half hours away from my weekend starting…)

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4 thoughts on “Love, Love, Love 6”

  1. Thanks so much for the mention! 🙂

    I’m certain that all of your fantasy planning will really pay off whenever that trip becomes a reality!!

    I also noticed that the Independent Guides have a new version of their Universal Orlando book coming out towards the end of November, so there might be more to come.

    1. You’re welcome! I have been to Universal Orlando but hey, I could plan another trip there because I imagine I missed some things the first time! xx

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