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Love, Love, Love 7

Hi, Hey, Hello!

Happy end of the week to you lovely folks. I for one am looking forward to a good old lie in tomorrow (I might try and not do what I did last week and wake up at noon on both days…but I make no promises).

Anyway you know the drill by now:

1) Are Spoofs Always Terrible – February Film and TV

Sometimes I honestly feel like I am in a minority when I legit declare that I love Not Another Teen Movie. I mean look, it’s not really anything special and a huge part of my love is rooted in the fact that my love for Chris Evans is strong and pretty much eternal (him being Captain America is both wonderful and awful, new film every year. It hurts.) and you would be fair in arguing that it is so bad that it’s good. But it’s also just good. Just good at doing what it is supposed to do. Which is take the piss. Really take the piss.

This is basically a long way of me saying that I am glad I am not alone in the love. And this is a great look at the whole spoof genre in general (I had forgotten that Epic Movie existed…probably for the best. Gonna go back to that forgetting about that one).

2) 9 Books to Read If You’re Obsessed with Hamilton Bustle

This is the obsession that will not die. I mean I don’t want to not be obsessed with it, its fine. I’ve made peace with it. This article (that I accidentally stumbled on on Twitter on my lunch break yesterday) combines two (actually three) of my favourite things which are a link to Hamilton and books (the third is history). I need to read more non-fiction books so I might make that a 2016 resolution and I like to be able to unload the most random of facts about the oddest of topics, because let’s be real I don’t need to know all that much about the American founding fathers, but I’m gonna know a stupid amount about the American founding fathers. It will come in useful one day…I’m sure of it.

3) 10 Amazing Etsy Shops For Your Holiday Suffering – The Everygirl

Apparently this is a thing that I have to think about now (although I will confess that I accidentally bought what I later realised was a Christmas present back at the beginning of the month) because it is officially less than a month away. I have no plan. I mean I never have a plan for anything, but apparently you need one for this time of year. So I’m gonna go trawl through Etsy, with the help of this article.

4) 8 Spots to Visit in Amsterdam – The Everygirl

I have a problem. That’s it. I’m just adding to my problem, that’s all this list has done. See if it will add to yours if you’re (un)lucky enough to have a serious Wanderlust problem.

And that’s it. Done for another week. I will see you for another one of these in December. And also tomorrow, I’ll be here tomorrow…kinda.

Parentheses count: 8.

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