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Love, Love, Love 8

Hi, Hey, Hello!

Happy Friday! You know the drill now. On we trot.

1) Things We Do: 5 Mistakes Every Girl Has Made at Least Once – Bloglovin’ The Edit 

Guilty. Especially the first one. I usually always want a burger, I should always get the burger. Why would that ever be a bad idea?

2) The 10 Best Plane Reads from 2015 – World of Wanderlust

I am not getting on a plane any time soon. I don’t really need any more books to read as that list is overwhelmingly long. And yet here this list is. Because what could be better then more books to read and a fueling of my urge to travel?

3) The Ultimate Winter Reading List 2015 – The Everygirl

I think the real issue here is that I am obsessed with Reading Lists and too much of a bookworm (if there is such a thing). Buuuttt I have already read one of these already, so that’s a tick.

And that’s kind of it this week. It’s gotten away from me to be honest. And it’s very book heavy, but then again what’s new with me there?

Parentheses count: 1. See you tomorrow!

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