Not Quite an Essay 4

Hi, Hey, Hello!

Coming at you with a little festive themed piece today (although I guess they have all been slightly festive related since last week…).

The lights tinkle on slowly one by one. Little pinpricks of white twirling around until they reach a point. They glint against globes of red, green, gold and silver. They shine through ruffles of tinsel and illuminate the green of the branches they rest on. They highlight what surrounds them and draw attention to the corner that they light up.

The smell of food permeates every corner of the room. Smells of turkey, bacon and potatoes.  The gentle sound of roasting acts as a backdrop to activities. Glasses clink and are never truly empty. Ovens are periodically opened in a plume of smoke. Bits and piece are taken in stolen bites that tease what’s to come. And then eventually it’s all piled too high on plates that are probably too small and eaten maybe a bit too quickly.

And even though it seems like you are too full to even think about eating ever again. You do. Dustings of icing sugar, lashings of cream, an alcohol coloured fire, gently melting butter and endless amounts of chocolate.

A sense of tired settles over you when it has been decided that eating is something that you can never do again…for the near future at least. The room looks a little darker, lit up only by the glare of a screen and that corner that twinkles away.


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Sophie, twenty-something, avid reader, writer, really good at watching whole seasons of TV shows in one weekend and using 10 words where 5 will do, overzealous user of the ellipsis and parentheses, starts too many sentences with ‘and’ and ‘so’, living in a continual state of Wanderlust.

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