Little update

Hi, Hey, Hello!
The prompt today seemed very simple but because I’m in that state of mind it also seemed like a deceptively difficult one to answer. How are you feeling today???
That’s a good question.
On the whole I’m feeling good. Not awful but not anything to write home about either. Just good.
Tired. I am pretty much always tired to be honest, have been for years. But as the year winds down and my days at work dwindle I am feeling more tired than ever. My alarm is dragging me out of bed this week as opposed to before where I was always kind of half awake by the time the opening bars started up. It’s a rude awakening to say the least not made any better by the fact that I just want to exist under the spray of hot water that is my shower and not have to face the train journey into work. Which although is a good time to catch up/do some reading also sometimes takes on the likeness of a sauna, except for when the door open then it’s like the artic circle. So I kind of want to fall back asleep but also just get off the train.
Run down. I got hit by a cold in a big way on Monday and it has really taken it’s hold of me because the days are short, dark and a little but cold and everything as a consequence seems worse. So there’s that and the fact that with every word for a lot of yesterday I take I feel my voice pulling an ‘Ariel-wanting-legs’ on me. It’s still holding out, but we’ll see for how long.
Christmassy. It’s hard not to at this point to be honest. There were carols and mince pies at lunchtime yesterday. It is a mere 9 days away. I bought a Secret Santa gift yesterday. I have a Christmas party tomorrow. At some point in the near future I am going to put the Christmas tree in my house and am already excited about the fact that I get to adorn a new tree with new lights and all the random, perfect decorations that we have stored up in the loft. I have a whole array of Christmas jumpers stocked up in my wardrobe now, with the first getting an excursion out into the world  on Friday. Every time I walk into the office first thing in the morning it smells distinctly like Christmas trees (which I carried into the office I might add). And there is a general feeling of Christmassy-ness permeating the world now.
And that’s pretty much how I’m feeling today. Largely speaking I am ready for bed and that inevitable food coma that is coming my way next week.
Parentheses count: 1. See you tomorrow!
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