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2016 Reading Challenge Book 12 – Fairest

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So given that it’s been a while since I wrote any book reviews it seems only fitting that my first week back out of the madness that was April brings with it multiple book reviews, because even though my reading mojo has taken some major hits recently I have still been reading. And am currently still on track according to Goodreads. Anyway onto my next book.


Fairest, Book 12, 2016 Reading Challenge
Fairest, Book 12, 2016 Reading Challenge

So, as I mentioned in review of Cinder earlier in the year, I have only read one of the books in The Lunar Chronicles so far but as part of this reading challenge I needed to read a book and it’s prequel. I was originally going to read Glitches but then in my late night browsing sessions I came across this little physical book number, which does in fact happen before the events of Cinder. I actually even mentioned in that review that I was excited to read this book because I have always been fascinated by a villains backstory. Returning back to Meyer’s writing was so nice and comforting especially because I was trying to get out of a reading slump. And finding out about Levana’s (almost) beginnings was a great read.

I kind of knew that I was going to like it the second that I read the opening line: ‘she was lying on a burning pyre, hot coals beneath her back’. It just hooked me instantly, which is exactly what you want an opening line to do. And it carried on as it opened, meaning that it kept me hooked until the end. In fact the ending caught me off guard (this is what happens when the book includes 3 chapters from Winter) because I was just so into the story and her ascent to power and even though I got what I wanted I still wanted more. I’m greedy like that.

I think my favourite thing about this whole book was the fact that Meyer never really attempted to present Levana as a decent being. She never tried to redeem her at any point, because she is kind of irredeemable and Meyer made that clear from pretty early on. I mean in the beginning her attitude and the way that she interacted with her sister kind of made sense. She had a hard life and when the books starts it drops the reader straight into the aftermath of her parents dying. It’s a tense time, however that is not a good enough reason for her consequent actions. Just when I thought that Meyer had written the most absurd thing that Levana was going to do, I was proved wrong. Power hungry just does not seem to cut it, although it is the one and only phrase I can think of that could be even remotely accurate. I mean part of me gets it, part of me understands that this is her way of cementing her legacy and all that but fuck she is evil. And she’s evil mainly because she is obsessed with her legacy, she wants to be remembered and she will do anything that she can to get that legacy of hers cemented and it’s kind of terrifying.

This book was the perfect set up for Levana as a character and what her intentions are and why they were her intentions. And I feel like this whole backstory will play into the rest of the series really well when I can finally get around to reading it. I would definitely recommend this book if you’re interested in The Lunar Chronicles  as a whole. However, slight side note, I did read this book living a little bit in fear that I was going to spoil something for myself from books 2 and 3, so maybe don’t read if you’re only one book in or haven’t even started. And also the urge to just read those first 3 chapters of Winter was strong which wouldn’t have been good because…spoilers.

In other news, I give this book 4/5 stars.

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