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2016 Reading Challenge Book 2 – Me Before You

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Coming at you with another little book review today because this week has been reallll heavy on the book talk so I thought I would round it off like that.


Me Before You, Book 2, 2016 Reading Challenge

Me Before You – Jojo Moyes

Now, I went in to this book knowing something that is kinda key, and that is the title of the sequel. So I pretty much knew how this was gonna end (and I confirmed this to myself by being stupid and turning over said sequel when I went to buy a new notebook because it was there and like I said I’m stupid).

However, it took a while for it register with me exactly what I had gotten myself into. In the same way that it took me ages to register the importance of the prologue. I don’t know what it is about me and prologues but I for some reason forget that they might have an impact on the plot. And this one has a pretty big impact on the plot.

In fact it sets up the whole bloody book. Funny that…

Anyway, onto the actual book.

I liked it. I mean it wasn’t a favourite of mine or anything, but I found it to be an enjoyable read. It was easy, the characters were interesting enough. I didn’t feel the need to through it across the room in a total rage or out of frustration or all the other possible feelings that could come with reading a book that you don’t like.

I liked Lou, part of me feels a lot like Louisa. I could relate to her whole thing. I get it. I found her annoying at times, but it was kind of hard to not like her by the end. She tries and she never stopped trying and I liked that. Even though I know I would have given up, because Will is hard work, I appreciated her resilience. Was she flawed, of course she was. Did I enjoy the chapters where she wasn’t the narrator, yeah sure but that’s because I am full on fascinated by how the other people would have reacted to the whole situation. But on the whole it was a good book.

Speaking of Will, he interests me to no end. Yeah, he was kind of a dick throughout, but that didn’t stop me from finding the most interesting character. I was kind of sad that at no point was there a chapter told from his point of view, because that is the one that I was most interested in. At any point. But especially towards the beginning and then again towards the end. I was sooooo curious as to what the hell was going in his head while Lou was going through her version of events.

I also think it was kind of good that that never happened, why I am not too sure, but I do know that when I finished the book there was a part of me that was glad that Will never got a chapter of his own.

But I got where Will was coming from. I always kind of did. I also saw where Lou was coming from. I liked the fact that this world was created in a way that there was no right or wrong. It was all a murky grey and Will didn’t have to necessarily personally argue this case to you directly as a reader, but you could kind of get the majority of the picture from the points of view of those who did get a say. And the prologue spoke volumes (seriously I might start having to pay attention to them more often…).

I kind of understood the comparison made by a quote on the book cover that it had kind of Dex and Emma (One Day) vibes and at first that put me off because my relationship with that book was incredibly complicated. But as I progressed through the book I could see why. There was something very real about the way these characters were created. You gave a shit about the outcome. It got kind of heartbreaking when you realised fully that there was only one way this was really going to go. There was no other outcome and that sucks because you were with Lou throughout and you wanted what she was doing to work.

Moyes created these characters in a way that meant that you gave a shit (have I said that enough) and then messed with them in a heartbreaking way. That I kinda of loved, kinda hated. She created this beautifully crafted plot that had you from the beginning and then did what she did with it and ruined my day a little bit (in fact I think I finished it Starbucks and had a mini existential crisis about it…side note, don’t read the sneak peek of the next book if you’re not gonna read it pretty sharpish afterwards, because it will mess with you slightly. It still is with me).

So, yeah. I liked this book. It was an easy, enjoyable read and the characters were relatable. I would recommend it to other people for sure.

3/5 stars.

Parentheses count: 5. See you tomorrow!

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