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2016 Reading Challenge Book 21 – The Mime Order

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Hope you’re having/have a great Sunday! Back again with another book review, which means that I am still on track right now. Yes! The next book in question is this one:

2016 Reading Challenge, Book 21, The Mime Order
2016 Reading Challenge, Book 21, The Mime Order

Now, full disclosure, this was my second attempt at reading this book this year because when I tried back in March I just couldn’t get into it and half ass reading it (or anything for that matter) was not an option. So I put it down and the beginning of July is when it became this book’s time.

I was a massive fan of the first book (which I fangirled about briefly here) and the second I finished it I bought the second one even though I knew I wouldn’t have the opportunity to read it until this year and this was one was even better. It really built the story up and catapulted it even further and left me even more excited for the third one (which thankfully can’t taunt me on my bookshelf while I neglect it, the faux guilt un-read books can give you is real I tell you).

One of the main reasons that I love the world that Shannon has created is because the way the reader is fed information is gradual and mostly given on a need to know basis. Nothing the reader is told feels like it has been dumped on them for the sake of getting to know this world and I realised whilst reading it (and was aware of it when reading the first one as well) that that does not always happen with dystopian novels. Sometimes it feels like you’re reading pages and pages of background information, until you finally get to the plot. This does not happen with this series and I am so very thankful for that, it prevented it from feeling like a really hard trawl through information to try and get back to the point of it all.

I said about The Bone Season that I was fascinated by Warden and that did not change with this. Learning more about him and the Ranthen was one of my favourite parts of this book. The conversations that he had with Paige just sort of gently sowed the seeds for things ahead and also helped to satisfied the part of me that wanted to know more about him and his people and the others that took part in the attempted revolution. I found the build up of the relationship between him and Paige in this book so enjoyable to read and am so looking forward to more interaction between the two of them in the future.

Seeing Paige come more into her own with her abilities was also super well written. I was interested as to what exactly her ability could do and to see it expanded even further in this book, especially towards the end with scrimmage was one of my personal highlights of this book. I tend to have this thing with stories that are told in the first person where I find them frustrating at times because it’s the only way into the story and there always ends up being this one character that I want to know allllllll about, but I don’t find that I’m wanting to read something from another’s character’s perspective with this because I am involved in Paige’s character and seeing her evolving and realising the potential that her ability has and what she is capable of doing.

The scrimmage. Once I realised it was a thing that was going to happen I was intrigued by it and it did not disappoint. It was so well written and built up to so well and there are so many adjectives that I could use to describe it and there is a part of me that feels that still wouldn’t be enough. I loved it. I loved what it (potentially) means for the rest of the series and I love that we are only on Book 2 and it’s just going to keep on ascending from here on out. I was so into the scrimmage that the climax of it hit my eyeballs just as I was getting into my station to walk back home on the way back from work on Wednesday and I was so into it and so desperate to know what the outcome would be that for the first, I’m gonna say ever, I actually read the damn book on my walk home. It’s a quiet walk back, I didn’t have to navigate around people or anything and I only have one road to deal with so it was all fine. In fact the biggest issue with it was the fact that I wasn’t very aware of low hanging branches and kept getting hit in the face by leaves, but that happens to me a lot even when my head is not buried in a book because I am a giant who doesn’t get on well those kind of things. Yeah, I just really loved the scrimmage a lot.

The length of it did almost put me off, not in a bad way because I didn’t really doubt at any point that I would enjoy this book immensely, but in a gosh there is potentially a lot of ground covered in this book and I’m almost scared to start it because once I’ve finished it that’s kind of it and I’m back to playing a waiting game with this series (and to be honest, once I started with it it was kind of hard to stop reading, the size of it be damned) Which is exactly what this bloody book left me with, a cliffhanger. The final few pages felt like when you’re watching a season finale and you realise there are only 3 minutes left but so much that you need to happen so the wait doesn’t seem so agonisingly long. It ended before I was ready and I spent the remaining 20 minutes I had on my train journey home just thinking about it all and dissecting it in my head and falling a little bit more in love with this world.

My ultimate favourite thing about this book, and it seems like kind of a given but has been known to not happen all that much, is the writing in this book. It is beautiful. There are some sentences in this that just make me want to plaster them on every single surface imaginable. Actually when I say there are some, I mean there are many. It is just so beautifully written at times it feels a bit like poetry and its this strange dichotomy between the beauty that is the writing and the fact that the world that at times is really falling to shit. I just really love it.

4/5 stars

Parentheses count: 6. See you tomorrow and for now I leave you with this:

“Words are everything. Words give wings even to those who have been stamped upon, broken beyond all hope of repair.”

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