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2016 Reading Challenge Book 29 – The Sandman

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Another book review coming for you today, although actually technically this is a graphic novel. And the graphic novel in question is this one:

2016 Reading Challenge Book 26 - The Sandman
2016 Reading Challenge Book 29 – The Sandman

Now I am not a huge graphic novel reader, for whatever reason they have just never really caught my attention, but the cool thing about this Reading Challenge is that it is encouraging me to read different genres of books. And well, I love me some Neil Gaiman so this was the perfect gateway into this genre.

Not gonna lie it took me a while to register that this story was part of the DC universe, I don’t quite know when the penny dropped with me, probably when it finally occurred to be that Arkham Asylum was where The Joker was locked up, but yeah when that finally registered with me that was the universe that we were playing with it somehow drew me even further. It also took me a little bit of time to get used to the style of reading a graphic novel, sometimes (mainly probably because I was sort of tired a lot of the time and everything goes to hell then) I just ended up reading straight across out of habit and losing my way before realising that I needed to read some panels down. It was a minor bit of a headache and was one of the reasons I remembered after around the 3rd time that it happened as to why I have avoided them thus far.

Onto the story itself though. I loved it. It  was a delightful, twisted mix of a story that everyone probably has a version of in their heads already when they see the words ‘the sandman’. It sort of epitomised everything that I love about comic book stories, which I will admit is primarily limited to film adaptions of the DC universe, specifically the Christopher Nolan trilogy which is my fave. But it was great. I know that this is the first instalment of many for The Sandman and as such I am interested to know where else this story is going to head and I never thought that I would be in a position where I was almost excited to read more graphic novels, so this reading challenge is also teaching me new things about myself.

Keeping on with the story, I liked the way that there were interconnecting stories that for a small moment I almost didn’t understand the point of and then they all came together towards the end and everything made sense again. I liked the sort of ‘showdown’ at the end and the way that comedy was woven into everything, especially at the end. It was those elements that made it feel very much like I was reading something that came out of the mind of Gaiman and that familiarity was comforting in some capacity.

The stylisation and graphics of it all are completely stunning and so detailed and beautiful and they really added something to the story as a whole, which I know is obviously the point of a graphic novel, but I would spend a lot of time, when I wasn’t zoning out or looking at the panels in a state of confusion, and just sort of bask in the detail and greatness of the artistry. I could probably write a whole thing on the art of it all in a panel by panel way I loved it so much. As such, I will just leave it at that.

Basically all in all I would recommend this to any comic book fan and also to anyone who may not have read a graphic novel before because it is a good way into it and a nice take on a childhood tale that we all know in some capacity.

3/5 stars

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