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2016 Reading Challenge Book 3 – Wild

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Mid week blues anyone? Yeah, me too. In a totally unexpected twist of events I am reviewing ANOTHER book today. If my spacing was better then they wouldn’t have happened so close to one another, because I didn’t finish them anywhere near close to each other, I only finished this book a week ago, but there we go and here we are.


 Wild, Book 3, 2016 Reading Challenge

Wild – Cheryl Strayed

I don’t know what I expected from this book, I mean I knew what it was about in the roughest of terms, but other than that I went in with next to knowledge of anything.

And holy shit.

There is a part of me that thinks she is totally bonkers because that is a serious feat to take on, but the larger part of me is still a little bit in awe of her. Like the fact that she actually up and went on this epic hike with next to no idea as to what she was getting herself into on her own is incredible. A slightly mental decision, but completely and totally incredible.

I had to keep reminding myself throughout that this was an actual thing that a person did.

I enjoyed it as a whole though. I was kind of apprehensive about going in to it, I don’t know why but I went in with the fear that I wouldn’t like it (it probably came from the fact that I have read a lot of good books and the law of averages suggests that I am gonna come across one I hate or hit a reading wall…). I found it a tad frustrating at times but that primarily came from the fact I was an outsider looking in and I also can’t do anything without thinking of every little thing (which also sounds odd because I can also be the most scattered brained person I know).

The way it was written is what made the story so compelling to be honest. Otherwise it’s just about a long hike. There was something about the way that it was constructed that made it so interesting and really brought across why the hell she was on this trek. The way situations in her life were intertwined with her journey along the trek and you could see why this Trail was so important to her was fascinating and so interesting.

The way that it was constructed meant that, to a degree, you could feel her getting stronger and becoming a different version of herself to the one that started the book. That was an interesting, slightly unexpected element, to the book. And it was unexpected in the sense that it is one thing to say that something is a tale of finding yourself again and another one to actually get that across to a reader. To actually witness it (via words) happen was my favourite aspect of the book.

Strayed (great choice of a last name by the way) is right about one thing for sure, she was meant to write. Her way with words is stunning. The imagery she created throughout was beautiful and she really got across what the Trail looked as she went through it. The lakes and the heat and the desert, the views of the mountains and the final image that she left the reader with at the end of the book. Stunning. I loved it, I am gonna refrain from writing all the reasons why that struck me so much, because this could get essay like (seriously, you’re talking to an English graduate who loooovvveeeesss getting analytical, I am in a dangerous territory right now even thinking about it), but I did. My favourite aspect of the book wouldn’t exist without the way it was written.

Final thought (almost) this was a great book to pretty much kick off the year. It kind of helps put things into perspective and has that ‘you can do it’ vibe to it. Perfect for a January. My actual final thought is that I would definitely recommend this book, I can’t quite put in to words why (I can’t put much in to words right now tbh, hiya writer’s block, I haven’t missed you) I would, but I feel like if you did pick it up, you probably wouldn’t regret dedicating a bit of your time to it.

3.5/5 stars.

Parentheses count: 7. And I will probably see you tomorrow!

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