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2016 Reading Challenge Book 4 – Just Kids

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  Just Kids, Book 4, 2016 Reading Challenge


Just Kids – Patti Smith

This book has been on my radar for a while now, for reasons that I don’t really remember because the decision to stick it on my TBR list happened many a moon ago, but for whatever reason (I guess life is probably the reason, like I went and did an English degree) other books took precedence over it so it just stayed on the list mocking me slightly. Until last month, when I finally had it delivered to me in my favourite kind of delivery (ya know the kind that bears books, which I got a lot of at the beginning of the year…I called it preparation, other people properly called it a problem) and flicked open the pristine front cover to begin my reading of it.

I was not disappointed at all.

First of all I quite liked the fact that it effectively opened with how it was going to end. I kind of like it when that happens, I know that there are people out there that are like ‘well it kind of defeats the middle part if you know how it is gonna end’ and I get that, but I love it. I don’t know why, but sometimes the end (not in this case) is just so unexpected that I am more intrigued by how the hell the story is going to be weaved in order to get to that. They are some of my favourite tales, but anyway I digress, let me get back to Just Kids.  I liked the fact that it was set up (as much as you can set up a story of your life) just laying out quite clearly where it was going.

The section headings were fascinating, mainly because they successfully set up what was happening in the pages that followed it and the last one was just heartbreaking. Because it was an indicator that the book was coming to a close and that beginning that was always just niggling in the back of your mind as you moved through the book was about to cycle back around and I may or may not have almost cried on a train as I sped through the final pages.

Linking to the importance of the headings for each section, writing style. I can talk about writing styles for days on ends. Seriously, I really could. I am obsessed with analysing them and comparing and contrasting them. I love finding ones that I relate to and ones that I struggle with at first (post modernism and David Foster Wallace I am looking at you)…I’m gonna stop now and get back to the point. The point being that Smith’s writing style is beautiful. Truly stunning. It weaved beautiful images and it was, funnily enough, glaringly obvious that Smith is a writer. The prose that she wrote was just so poetic and made the whole reading of it a joy in a time when the majority of me just wanted to curl up under a duvet and fall back asleep.

The relationship between Patti and Robert was conveyed beautifully and it was so well rooted in the core of the whole story that you couldn’t help but be invested in the story that Smith was telling and I have been jaded by many a book where I just do not give a flying shit about any of the relationships that were a part of the book, even if the story was based solely on said relationship. But this was stunning, which goes back to the way it was written.

I loved the inclusion of pictures dotted around throughout the book, some which are truly beautifully crafted and stunning, especially the ones that were used for the covers of her various projects throughout her career.

The pacing of this book was great as well. At no point did I feel like any of the stories that were included weren’t necessary (and seriously I have read many books in which I turned through pages of nothingness. Just true nothingness) and none dragged on to the point where I just didn’t care what she was talking about anymore and wanted to skip to the bit where it became relevant again. It was all relevant and it was all told concisely and, yeah I’m gonna use that word again, beautiful.

Overall it was a great, interesting memoir that I am super happy that I FINALLY got to read. And I would definitely recommend it to almost anyone.

4/5 stars

Parentheses count: 6. See you tomorrow!

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