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2016 Reading Challenge Book 5 – Cinder

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I have a complicated relationship with Cinderella, but I do love a good different take on a fairy tale (even written a few myself) so I was excited to read this. I have also heard favourable things about via the interwebs. I’m talking about this.


Cinder, Book 5, 2016 Reading Challenge
Cinder, Book 5, 2016 Reading Challenge


Cinder – Marissa Meyer

So, I should set the scene, the reason that this book is even on my radar is because of Tumblr. I hadn’t even really heard of it, but I had seen some intense reactions to it, especially at the tail end of last year as the fourth in the series came out. I basically chose this book to understand what the hell the hype was all about. I finished this book in 8 hours in total.

And I get it now. In fact I would have kind of liked Tumblr to prepare me more for the way that it would affect my entire life. And how I would basically want to run straight to Waterstones and buy up the rest of the series…I finished it at 10pm on a Thursday, that wouldn’t have worked. However I am glad that I have Fairest still on my list so that I can dip back into this world briefly as I finish up this year’s reading challenge. Just 32 books to go between me and the rest of this series.

To be honest I didn’t expect to care as much as I did. And still do. It kind of consumed me. On the day that I finished I literally slotted the book back into my bag, rushed down a hill to get back home and then yanked the book back out of my bag and fell onto the sofa and devoured it until the end.

Onto the book itself, not gonna lie I could kind of see where the plot was going around about the time that Adri said she was having Cinder sent off for testing and the way that fell into place. But honestly, and this harps back to what I said here about how part of me likes knowing a little where something is going,  I kind of liked that aspect of it. Part of it made the story a bit better for me. And then also all the more frustrating. Especially when it got closer to the end and Kai left her stranded on the steps and I had to make a conscious effort not to scream at my inanimate object of a book ‘SHE IS WHO YOU’RE LOOKING FOR!!!!’ because I have to maintain a certain level of chill in my every day life. My fangirl exists solely on the internet where it won’t haunt me forever…

Anyway another element of this that I very much enjoyed, the idea that there is an entire civilisation on the moon. Yeah they are a little bit power hungry and total liars, but I love the moon and have spent many an hour of my time wondering what kind of people would exist on the moon. Meyer seems to be onto something with this, the kind of people that live on the moon are probably not the kind that you would want to mess with. I have fully digressed here and will get back to Cinder.

I love, love, loved the cyborg element of this story. It was a really cool fresh element to the retelling of a classic fairy tale. Kai, the snarky prince, kind of here for it. I mean not here for the way the ending went down, but ya know can’t have everything. I liked the way his and Cinder’s relationship was set up and when I finally get to read the other books I am interested to see how that is gonna play out.

I am also really excited to find out more about the Lunars. Which plays into the fact that I am almost always more interested in villains and their back stories. And not because I think they can be redeemed or anything, but because they are just kind of more interesting characters. I mean honestly, to get to that point has to be a semi interesting story, so bring on Fairest later in the year. So excited to get to know a bit more about Levana.

More interested in Cinder’s history though as it stands. Which I guess is kind of the point.

Couple of other things I liked about this retelling of a classic. One of the step sisters being NICE to Cinder and then getting a worse ending the original fairytale. Just too cruel, but so good. Adri, totally classic evil step-mother. I hated her. Don’t think I have ever liked  a step mother in a Cinderella (but I still covet Cate Blanchett’s wardrobe in the 2015 version) which is probably a good thing. And also Dr Erland, I am so interested in him and his Lunar history.

Overall, Cinder is a decent read. It’s an easy read. Meyer’s style of writing isn’t overly complicated but she still creates such a rich, complex and interesting world. A vivid picture is created from the get go and sustained throughout and I loved it. And I am so excited for when I can finally devour the rest of the series.

4/5 stars

Parentheses count: 2. See you tomorrow!

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