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Love, Love, Love 10

Hi, Hey,  Hello!

It’s Friday! And also the end of the work week which makes it all the sweeter because I have only done a two day week this week. I imagine the full 5 days might hit me hard next week…(that word has stopped looking real, I might stop using it now).

Anyway, the reason I am here today this afternoon, to share some stuff that has caught my eye this week.

So I am gonna open with this. If, for whatever reason, you find yourself with a spare 25 minutes (which I had because it was Bank Holiday Monday and a strange day between Christmas and New Year, you know the ones) then I highly recommend this. Because it is a fascinating interview. So interesting and in depth. Plus I love Bryan Cranston and Jason Segel so bonus. And I also have some more films to tack onto THE list.

A Writerly Christmas From Me to You – Jessie Burton

First of all this is hella accurate. And also hella required reading for me just to remind myself of some things. Like honestly no first draft is ever good, for some reason that is my biggest barrier in life. No essay I ever submitted (except maybe one, and a few practice essays shush) was a first draft. It was draft like 3 or 4 and probably had some tear stains and a bit of my soul attached with it. So yeah. Remember these things Sophie remember them. (The Miniaturist  is also sat at the top of my to read pile and I am excited to start it as a side note).

10 Quotes Readers Fell in Love With This Year – Goodreads

You know me, I love a good quote. This is a whole article full of them. Me lovey.

An Open Letter to the New Year – The Everygirl

This accidentally ties in very nicely to the post that I have planned for Monday.

And that’s it for this week. Have a good rest of your Friday peeps and I will see you on Sunday! (Parentheses count: 5.)

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