The Great E-Book Debate

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The title might makes this post seem like waayyy more than it actually is. Basically I am finally weighing on the whole physical/e-book discussion that continues to circulate because it is damn fitting as my bedroom slowly becomes more books then anything else.

Which leads nicely into my starting point for today’s post.

There are roughly 2 things that I am 100% certain my parents would wish I would stop buying and they are: boots and, yep you guessed it, books. Up until about a month ago there were piles of books in various corners of the house just sitting there look pretty and studious (honestly a part of me doesn’t feel at home if there aren’t just piles of books surrounding me because that is how I spent 3 years of my life at uni), until there weren’t. Until the almost library aesthetic of the house became too much and it all just slowly migrated to my room and is running the risk of becoming some kind of Beauty and the Beast situation (I mean I don’t really need a bed do I…?)

Now, I am fully aware that there is a method of reading that would avoid this whole situation, I even own one of them. Heck, I even used one of them during my second semester my second year at uni. And yeah, it was super handy to not have to lug around a couple of heavy books every time I had to go into uni but I didn’t like it.

Because I am a sucker for the romanticism of books.

In my wade of the electronic book waters I missed the feeling of the weight of the pages shifting from my right to my left. I missed the slight challenge of having to jot my incoherent ‘as I read these sentences and this tale’ thoughts into the tiny space available in the margins. I missed gently breaking spines.  I missed the times, when in the desperate throes of procrastination, that I could spend lethargically flicking through the pages looking for the quote or page that I needed – something that I could do in the blink of eye because 9/10 times I had already made note of the page number. Told you, the procrastination got intense.

And call me crazy, but I missed the fact that when a tutor or a lecture referred to a page number I could actually find the page they were talking about without having to go by a key phrase…

There is no satisfying flick through all the pages with an e-book. There is no seeing all the messy pencilled in notes appearing before you eyes as the pages blur, it’s just random highlights on a white screen. There is no satisfactory final closing of the book when it’s on the screen. You don’t get to look at the blurb as you have that ‘I’ve-just-finished-a-book’ rush. That built in pause. You just sort of click a button and are given an image of the front cover again.

There is no satisfying sound of turning the page. You just silently swipe or click to be moved on. I like that sound…I especially like that sound when it is linked to me frantically scooping up pages, without losing my place, to find out when the next chapter starts, or even worse when exactly the book finishes (because you know sometimes you get a whole bunch of extra stuff that deceives you). You get a percentage and an estimated reading time with an e-book, which although isn’t bad, also isn’t my favourite.

Basically what I am trying to say is that I have tried with the e-book. Really I have. I can see the benefits, I can see why it would make perfect sense for me to stay firmly aboard that that train…but then I see an actual physical book, and it’s crisp new ivory pages and perfect spine and I can’t bring myself to bring that up.

(I mean I could probably fashion a bed out of books if it gets to that can’t I?)

Parentheses count: 4. See you tomorrow!

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