Hi, Hey, Hello!

Apparently I peaked with the whole title thing yesterday and it’s all downhill from here. Good thing we are super far into the year now…

Although technically (and I am stretching here) I am super late into year. That year being the 365 days between birthdays.

Yup, on this Thursday 21st January 2016 I spend my last day as a 22 year old. Part of me think there is something oddly fitting about the fact that it falls on a Thursday because we all know how I feel about those. And it means I get to start my next year on a Friday which is a bonus, it’s the start of the weekend and who doesn’t love that?

If you haven’t guessed by this point I kind of don’t know what I’m talking about today. I had so many ideas swirling around in my head. I have two actually written down lists of ideas in two different locations close to hand at all times. I have them there, but they are somehow not accessible. They are somehow manifesting themselves into some form of writer’s block.

I even started writing the beginning of one on Tuesday night but it fizzled out in about 200 words and was pretty much the same sentence just told using different words which rendered it utterly pointless. So I’m stuck in a bit of a stalemate with it all and it was a feeling I kind of forgotten but have always lived in slight fear of its return since I took a break before Christmas.

That’s the weird thing about writing to be honest; living in a sense of total fear that one day you’re gonna look at a page and just not know what the hell to put on it. Watching it slowly start mocking you and finding out that there is apparently no limit to the amount you can watch the same YouTube video (when you can quote along to it, then it’s been seen too many times…). Then going through some weird kind of guilt trip with the whole thing (or at least I do) and then discovering that actually you do still have something left to give it just decided to go on a little holiday (without you…how rude).

Apparently I am somewhere in between stages because I got this post out, but I definitely procrastinated the hell out of it and spent an awful long time just staring at the screen watching my cursor flick away menacingly.

Here’s hoping I make it back to the actually being able to write thing by next week…

Parentheses count: 4. See you tomorrow!

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Sophie, twenty-something, avid reader, writer, really good at watching whole seasons of TV shows in one weekend and using 10 words where 5 will do, overzealous user of the ellipsis and parentheses, starts too many sentences with ‘and’ and ‘so’, living in a continual state of Wanderlust.

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