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Love, Love, Love 11

Hi, Hey, Hello!


I mean I am an hour(ish) away from lunch and at work right now, but there are cocktails and probably cake in my future.

Anyway, you know the drill people. Have a good rest of your Friday!

100 Blog Post Ideas for Beauty Bloggers – Confetti and Curves

Not a beauty blogger myself per se, but I have made a note of some the ideas that Karen listed because I can totally make them work. Give it a look if you’re struggling for ideas.

L is for Loneliness – Amber Tamblyn

It’s a beautiful poem and a good reminder.

How Making a Murderer and Serial became Cultural Phenomena – The Everygirl

I lost (almost) my entire weekend to Making a Murderer and it threw me straight through a loop. I still don’t really know what I think and I hate it. I have also downloaded Serial  to listen to when I’m not just listening to Original Cast Recordings of almost any Broadway (or West End, but mainly Broadway) musical that I have ever wanted to see (but have no hope of doing so, for various reasons, one being location (for Broadway, I live in a commutable distance from the West End I know)). This is kind of an interesting look into why there are such a thing (and why I am drawn to watching them, and not just because I need to convince myself that I don’t just watch cooking shows or really trashy telly).

8 Dreamy Hotels We Want To Visit This Year – Glitter Guide

I think the real question here is why am I so obsessed with lists and things that make me want to go on a holiday that isn’t happening anytime soon (I spent too long on that last one, far too long…why am I not in Hawaii??).

And there we have it for another week! Parentheses count: 7. See you on Sunday!


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6 thoughts on “Love, Love, Love 11”

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY gorgeous gal 🙂 Thanks so very much indeed for the kind mention – that’s so lovely of you, much appreciated huni & utterly chuffed you enjoyed the post Sophie *huge hugs* Karen XXXX

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