Faves Part 1

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Hope you are all doing well on this fine/cloudy/snowy/windy/rainy/surprisingly sunny (please delete as appropriate) Tuesday.

Today I thought I would do something a little different (which was totally inspired by this post by Karen over on Confetti and Curves, most ideas from this post are 100% going to crop on here in the near future). That something is a little round up of some of my favourite posts that I have posted up on here on the blog.

Now there have been 279 (as of yesterday, holy shit) posts on here since I started this blog all the way back in 2012 and obviously there are some that I loathe (that might be a bit strong) and some that I totally love and then there are all the rest in between that hold a special place in my heart.

But I am being ruthless. And of 279 posts I am picking 5.


Seeing it written down makes it seem harder, but nonetheless. Here we go (and also take note of the words ‘part 1’ in the title…).

1)  Poison

This idea came to me in the early hours of the morning (as so many of my ideas do) when I became fascinated by Snow White in a modern setting. I just didn’t know how it would play out. And then one day I thought what if her drink was spiked (and I changed the fruit, apples aren’t used that much when it comes to cocktails, not ones I like anyway). As I mentioned in the original post I ended up submitting it for the Creative Writing Society anthology that year because it was one of my fave pieces to write at the time. Looking back at it now, there are definitely some things I would change, mainly related to phrasing and making the shift between narrative styles feel less clunky, butttt there isn’t much I have written that I haven’t felt this way about.

2) Writing 101 – Reinvent the Letter Format

This is a relatively recent post that I wrote mainly as a way to get myself out of a funk. I don’t really think it worked at the time, but I like(d) putting that kind of positivity out into the universe. So yeah, this is a fave of mine for a little bit of a different reason to some of the others.

3) Snapshot 17

Obviously there was gonna be one of these in here. And it was hard to pick just one. I almost picked the first one that I wrote because it was the thing that started it all. But for some reason I went for this one. It was kind of the first fully formed idea that I had when I realised that this timeline was gonna jump all over the place in my head. It was always the thing in the back of my head that informed odd decisions as I wrote some of the later ones and then I finally put it into words and didn’t totally hate the way that it played out.

4) Writing is Hard

There is not a day that goes by where I don’t legit think this. Seriously. I am thinking it a lot right now because I am in the midst of a bit of a block, that although it is slowly alleviating, is moving at a snail’s pace and is also reinforcing the point. Writing is hard. Really hard.

5) Just A Little Bit of Your Heart

And so I conclude with this. This was probably one of the first times that I had actively used a song as inspiration to write something and it was mainly because I needed to get myself out of a funk at the time and the only way that I could do that was by giving myself a kick up the bum and listening to several songs on repeat until I got something out on to a page. I did, and this was the product and although I would do it totally differently now, I still look upon it fondly.

And there we have my first instalment of these. I don’t know when the next one will come, probably when it feels like smashing my head against a keyboard and seeing what gibberish is produced and whether or not that would suffice as a blog post seems like the best idea in the whole world. (At the rate I am going that could be real soon, here’s hoping my creativity makes a comeback soon.)

Parentheses count: 9. See you tomorrow!

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5 thoughts on “Faves Part 1

  1. Awesome post Sophie – and thank you soo much for the kind mention!!! You really are too kind huni 🙂 Such a lovely surprise to read, looking forward to checking out your 5 fab links!!! Congrats on soooo many posts *woo hoo* Karen XXX

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