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Love, Love, Love 12

Hi, Hey, Hello!

Merry Friday people, so I sat down last night with every intention to do a bit of reading and I did do that for a little bit, mainly to tidy up the tags on my browser and find out why I opened them in the first place. And then I clicked on this Ellen video and effectively lost the rest of my evening (I also got resorted into Hufflepuff on Pottermore, I have accepted that it is my house but it still always fascinates me that on EVERY single test I take on the internet I have never gotten anything but that. Ever.) So this week is a little bit lighter than usual.

Carly’s Favourite Coffee Shops in NYC – The Everygirl

Because I like to make myself cry over coffee shops in a city I wish I was in. Don’t ask why, but there you go. It’s been that kind of week and coffee remains my elixir.

A Story of a F*ck Off Fund – Huffington Post

Ummmmmm, yes.

Saying Goodbye to my Comfort Zone – Levo

Maybe I need to start saying yes more…

Parentheses count: 1. See you tomorrow!

sign off 2


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