2016 Reading Challenge Book 18 – Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?

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I have work for two days and then I am off for the rest of the week (and seeing Jeremy Jordan on Thursday!). In my head I’m going to be sat on a white sand beach with a clear blue sea taking up most of my vision, but in reality I’m just gonna be watching Wimbledon and figuring out this whole Camp Nano thing and sending off an application for something (how ambiguous of me). Oh and I’m also going to catch up on sleep, drink a lot of iced coffee and maybe, if I’m lucky and London is kind, enjoy some sunshine.

Anyway, I’m starting the week off with yet another book review and I am still on track for this gosh darn reading challenge and I am taking that as a small victory.

Book 18 was this little autobiography:


Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?, Book 18, 2016 Reading Challenge
Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?, Book 18, 2016 Reading Challenge

I say little because it was barely 200 pages and it was a super easy read so it sped by. Which Kaling called being the case herself in the opening pages (‘if you’re reading this book every night for months, something is not right’) and she was right . I got this done in two and a half train journeys, which amounts to nearly 3 hours. And I liked it.

I’ve never watched The Mindy Project it’s on the list of things to watch, but there are a lot of things on that list and I’m adding new things every day (seriously in my sadness on Friday I started UnREAL, I didn’t even know that show was on my list, but I was on Amazon and it came up and before I knew it it was Sunday and I was all caught up), but R does and a few years ago she declared Mindy Kaling her spirit animal and well, it’s easy to see why. I get it. I read this book and thought ‘yep me’ several times.

The way Kaling writes is so very personable and that is part of what makes it so easy to read. I felt the same way that I did when I read Yes Please. Which was thoroughly entertained, slightly empowered and like I could really conquer some shit (which I plan on doing this week). It was because of the way that she writes as well that makes this so easy to read. It’s almost like you’re just having a conversation with her as she chronicles her life. The opening of this books shows that so clearly, I don’t know what it is about question and answer passages but they just instantly feel like they draw you in and hold your attention. It’s actually probably to do with the fact that it’s a break in the usual form of a book and therefore forces you to sort of pay attention because the break in the norm catches you off guard. When you open with something like that it bodes well with me.

As with most, if not all, autobiographies it is anecdotal and I enjoy reading these stories. Especially because The Office US is one of my fave things ever and it kept me sane through revision in my final year and I accidentally ended up watching all of it at the time (which kept me from watching Buffy and has now just reminded me that I really need to finish watching that at some point in my life). So I really love it and getting some insight into the writer’s room was cool to read. I liked the pictures and seeing them in context. I really enjoyed the whole ‘selfie’ chapter and was just a whole section of reading where I was thinking ‘yep, I so do this’. For example, ‘My Blackberry camera has proven to exist primarily as a mirror to see if my makeup came out okay’ is basically the same with me and most of the selfies on my phone (or they come from that one Snapchat filter that always makes me look flawless af).

Kaling is, as I have said before, honest. She talks about the fact that the entertainment industry is always going to categorise her in a completely different way to how she thinks about herself and the whole When You’re Not Skinny, This What People Want You To Wear chapter illustrates that completely.

I finished this book with a strong desire to read Kaling’s second book and also to actually get on the whole watching The Mindy Project thing. I would definitely recommend it, especially if you’re looking for a quick read that is also thoroughly entertaining.

3/5 stars

Parentheses count: 7. See you tomorrow!


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