Camp Nano Update 3

Hi, Hey, Hello!

Guess what I did yesterday????

Crept ahead of schedule.

Yep, that’s right, after 10 or so days of always playing catch up, a bout of fear of writing shit and a couple of days where I just didn’t feel much like diving into this world I had created (because I had spent so much time in it already and was also trying to get some reading done, which I didn’t do, I started a new TV show instead) I finally made some breakthroughs.

I’ve currently hit some sort of rhythm with it and am feeling really inspired for some scenes, so where as before I was kind of working through the whole thing chronologically and then yesterday on the train home I got hit straight in face with something that happens closer to the end than the beginning, which I was very much working on up until this point. I’m kind of still hovering in that area now because it seems stupid to force myself to go back when I’m so inspired for what I’m writing. However I am now in a position where I have to piece the rest of the narrative towards that, which shouldn’t be too hard because I knew it was heading there but yeah, now it’s in some words which makes it a bit realer.

I’ve also learned this month, with my considerably smaller word count goal (admittedly it’s only 10,000 words smaller, but 10,000 words is the length that my dissertation would have had to be if I had chosen to do one (I didn’t, but over the last 3 years since I declined to do one I’ve had a million and one ideas as to what I could have done…figures)) that rolling word counts are not my actual worse enemy anymore. I mean my average word count on a daily basis needs to be 646 to hit my target, which means I’ve basically rounded it up in my head to 700 a day and once you get going 700 is easy. Seriously, over the weekend whilst sipping on my massive iced coffee (which tasted heavenly I must say), I managed to write close to 2,000 words in a couple of hours. Whereas before when I’ve been playing catch up I would finally close the gap and then an extra 1,000 (or 1,667 for just regular Nano) words would get tacked onto the end of my target number and I’m back running uphill. I don’t have that this month and it has made the whole thing on a whole a lot more pleasant. Because 700 words I can do. Most of my blog posts are written in a blur and hit 600/700 words easy, before I edit them and then somehow end up adding even more words to it.

So, yeah I am back on track with it and may, dare I say it, be ahead of schedule soon…

Current word count: 12, 431.

Parentheses count: 5. See you tomorrow!

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