2016 Reading Challenge Book 24 – Kindred Spirits

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Oh look I have another bonus book review because I forgot that I read this book this year but I was doing something on my laptop and I was reminded of it. It was another one of those short stories that I read to try and stop the fact that I just wasn’t reading. The next time I review a book though it will be an official part of the Reading Challenge, so this is the last bonus one.

The book I am talking about is this one:

Bonus Book Review - Kindred Spirits
2016 Reading Challenge, Book 24, Kindred Spirits

Now it is no secret that I love Rainbow Rowell with all my heart and I am all about reading all that is available to me whenever I can. And then World Book Day came about and this arrived into my life all pretty and reddy pink and at the delightful price of £1.

The plot is basically pretty simple, it’s camping out before the highly anticipated release of The Force Awakens and all that comes with it for this one chosen individual that Rowell creates and inserts into the story. But there is more to it than that. Rowell manages to inject a complexity into what is fundamentally a pretty simple idea and she does so with so few word/pages (it took me like an hour to read in total in the end).

There were elements of this book that really reminded me of Fangirl which is never gonna be a bad thing. It was very much a further celebration of all things fangirly and embracing that part of you, even when there are people who just do not understand that part of you, ie, Elena’s mum not really understand why she feels the need to sit outside a cinema for days on end just to watch a film on opening night.

Rowell always does a really great job of conveying passion and weaving in traits into her characters that means in some way a reader can identify with something. And even though this book was literally just 96 pages she managed to create characters that could be dropped straight into a full length novel and still work just fine because they were fleshed out enough for you, as a reader, to know what was going with them (seriously though, Elena and Gabe would work in Fangirl).

I would recommend this book if you’re just looking for a short, fluffy little read that won’t take up an awful lot of time if that’s something that you’re concerned about. I would also definitely recommend it if you’re a fan of Rowell’s writing at all because it will satisfy that part of your reader self.

3/5 stars

Parentheses count: 2. See you tomorrow!


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