The Next Two Months

Hi, Hey, Hello!

So I was minding my own business all the way back on the 9th when this post entered my life and all of a sudden I was hit with a brainwave. A very word heavy brain wave. Which was oddly fitting given that at the time of the brainwave I had just posted this. I basically decided what the next two months, yes the whole 61 days, is going to look like over here on The Giraffe Files.

September is going to be all posts courtesy of the Thought Catalog article, some of them will be creative based, others, well autobiographical (I’m not gonna clarify which are which, but that’s how it’s gonna go). Most of them seem to take a letter format and as such in my head in confirmed further to me that I should commit again to *drum roll please* Letters to Autumn. Which basically means that I am gonna be writing a lot of letters. But I really enjoyed doing this last year and it was kind of a fun way to chronicle the month in a more active way then usually happens on this blog.

And then (because why would I stop there?) I’m going to most likely dive the hell into that crazy Nano thing…again. Because I never learn. Although at least come November (why am I ALREADY talking about November? Why is it so close) I won’t be going for daily posting with new content every day. I mean it sounds crazy to me right now as I talk about it, but it will be fine. It’s a crazy idea, but it’s not quite a crazy idea (a la this whole thing).

It’ll be fine. I will be organised. I will plan meticulously and I will be prepared. It will be fine. And well…yeah. I just need to be organised to a point for maybe the first time in my 23 years.

It’ll be fine…

Parentheses count: 5. See you tomorrow (eek)!

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Sophie, twenty-something, avid reader, writer, really good at watching whole seasons of TV shows in one weekend and using 10 words where 5 will do, overzealous user of the ellipsis and parentheses, starts too many sentences with ‘and’ and ‘so’, living in a continual state of Wanderlust.

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