Write a letter to the teacher that most changed your life.


You changed the game. You made me realise that learning could be something other than just memorising dates and quotes religiously straight out of the text book. It didn’t have to include a powerpoint that could easily be ignored or something that could be distracted from. It was engaging and it prepared me for the future. Where everything is just said at you and if you aren’t paying attention then you are playing catch up.

You mainly basically made it easier for the long run. Gently eased me into a habit of being aware of what the hell was happening in front of me. Without the reassuring presence of a powerpoint blaring brightly behind you that I guess was a weird tool at distraction even though it came under the illusion of being helpful. It meant that I left lessons with comprehensive notes that actually proved useful when it came to having revise and actually apply that knowledge into an exam situation. It meant that I figured out exactly how I work best.

It really honed in on that and that made everything both so much easier and so much harder. Easier because at least I finally knew how the hell I worked best and harder because writing and re-writing and highlighting all your notes to drill it into your brain is tiresome and my hand got well accustomed to always feeling slightly crampy and gross.

It somehow pointed me in the right direction for what I actually wanted to do. It broadened my horizons and went from being this subject that I was just doing because it seemed to the best of the worst options to me but it turned out to be something so much more. Something that actually provided context and made other aspects of my education life better. It enriched them. I somehow found a way to weave the things that I had learned in your lessons into every consequent essay that I ever wrote. It made them better.

It ultimately made me better.

It didn’t necessarily feel that way at the time. In fact it was kind of jarring and annoying at the time because it was so unlike any other my other lessons and sometimes it felt like I need to psych myself up to even go into your lessons, but hindsight is 20/20.

So, thank you.

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