New York

So, I have spent a lot of time thinking about this particular one. Or more accurately I’ve spent the past month or so thinking about since it became apparent that I was going to have respond to it at some point during this month. And it wasn’t hard for me to figure out which memory to pick because I haven’t had any memories that I would like to relive or anything but mainly because it turned out it was kind of hard to just pick one, because I could find a reason why I would want to relive so many for so many reasons.

And then this week I took a slightly different approach to it mainly because the Patronus test came out on Pottermore this week and it literally opened with ‘think of your happiest memory’ (let’s not talk about what my result was, it’s for the best). And so I thought about it like that. What is my happiest memory?

It’s actually a pretty simple memory to be honest. It’s almost boring. But it’s the one that I thought of and realised that I felt totally content and this point in time feeling content in some capacity was all that I needed. Who knows if it would be powerful enough to power my silvery charm in the form of a buzzard (yes, buzzard), but it’s the one that I kind of want to relive right now.

I am literally sitting on rock on a muggy af June afternoon unnecessarily wearing tights and sitting in totally silence. R is lying next to me also on a rock. We are in the middle of Central Park and taking a little breather after Round 1 at the Empire State Building. It’s totally quiet which is hella weird given that we are literally in the middle of Manhattan and the only real sound is the very gentle and extremely rare breeze making the leaves rustle and occasionally a person or people walking past where we are sat.

That’s it. That’s the memory.

I would relive it at any moment in time, especially right now. There is no real reason it behind it, other than the fact that I currently really wanna be back in New York and I wanna feel that a sense of calm again because it feels like it has been so long since I have felt like that. Looking back it almost feels like the calm before the storm and I wanna go back. Even if it’s only for a moment. Because although I have felt that sense of calm since then (over 2 years ago) it has never quite been the same as that feeling of calm.

So yeah, if I could relive a memory it would be sitting on a rock in a park with my best friend in relative silence just feeling happy.

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2 thoughts on “New York

  1. I’ve felt that calm and quiet in the middle of Manhattan too. Maybe it was just a perfect Zen moment–or maybe there’s a special magic to the city. 😊

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