Letters to Autumn, My Life

Letters to Autumn: The 2016 Edition 24

Dear Autumn,

This is my 500th post. 500 of them. Somehow I have managed to make it 500 posts. Wow.

Typically when I reach a 100 milestone I collect a few of my favourite posts that I’ve made on here over the years and to be honest, this post will be no different. Which means that this letter is a little bit different to the others Autumn. So yet another Top 5 of my favourite posts.

1) You Say My Name – I just really like this I have just remembered. I love writing things based on songs and it’s something that I am going to get back into soon I hope. I just need the right song first.

2) What I’ve Learned From Blogging –  It’s good to get reflective sometimes and also to see the way things vary from when I wrote this to now even though it’s only been a few months since I wrote it.

3) Snapshot 28 – I like a lot of these to be honest, so I always like to pick at least one when I do a faves post. I am also currently in the middle of writing a new one of these, it just needs some fine tuning and I need to actually get it to make sense, but there is a new one that will be up soon…probably.

4) Mid Year Book Freak Out Tag – I am still freaking out about the fact that I have 11 books left to read, all of which are kind of massive in size and only 10 weeks left to read them in. Which averages at about a book a week…I have a lot of holiday at the moment, it’s ridiculous to use some of that up on a ‘reading’ holiday right? Also some of the answers to these have changed. I might re-do at the end of the year actually.

5) Holy Grail Products – My number 5 has been discontinued, which means that I now need to find a new mineral foundation, for which I am open to suggestions. Other than that I stand by the rest of them, although special shout out to my new mascara which is one from Nyx and was emergency bought because I ran out and Urban Decay is not accessible in emergencies. And also, liquid eyeliner, I am not fully sure why that was not on this list anyway.

And those are yet another 5 of my favourite posts.

See you tomorrow.




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