The September Project

Hi, Hey, Hello!

It’s been a while since September, well not really, but it feels like it has been and well I never really did a recap of all the posts that I made that month, so that’s what I’m doing now, a month and a half later.

It Was What it Was

10 Life Resolutions

Vicissitude – The Beginnings

Write a Letter to Your Parents

You Too


Breaking Your Own Heart


I Miss You

I Forgive You



23 Years

Own Worst Enemy

Books and Quotes.


For Good


Dear Younger Me

The Thing

Without Fail

I’ve Got One

In Another Life

New York

Dear Past Me


Dear Future Me


Giant Little Brother

Vicissitude – The Beginnings


And that’s it. That’s a round-up of the madness that was September.

Parentheses count: 1. See you tomorrow!

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