2016 Reading Challenge Book 33 – The Host

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And with this I have officially run out of books on back log to review. Which is mildly horrifying to me on two counts, 1 because I am so behind on books right now and the end of the year is fast approaching and 2 because I have now also officially run out of ideas and blog posts scheduled here on the blog…

Anyway, it does not do to dwell on that (even though I really should) so let me get on with the point of today’s post. Which is a book review, of this moderately large thing:

2016 Reading Challenge, Book 29 - The Host
2016 Reading Challenge, Book 33 – The Host

To be honest I went into this book with the lowest of expectations because come the end of the Twilight Saga I just wasn’t buying Meyer’s writing style and I didn’t have it in me to care about any of the characters that once upon a time I had loved.  

But I had heard that this is so different from those books so yeah, I gave it a chance. And overall I am glad that I did.

It as a take on sci-fi that was really interesting to me, which to be honest I knew because I watched the film whenever that came out. But in typical fashion, the book turned out to better.

I really liked finding out more about the way that they lived. There was something oddly jarring about the fact that they basically lived in total darkness and just had sort of gotten used to it. It did a really great job of showing this world and how people just adapt once they fall into fight or flight mode. This was an element of the story that I am glad I got a greater sense of. It made everything seem so much more real and that always adds to the reading experience when that happens.

Another thing that I enjoyed about this was that I got a better sense of who Wanda was as a character because it was all her perspective and I really liked her. Sure at times I found her annoying and wanted to just talk some sense into her, but for every time that I felt that way I was reminded in some way by Melanie that she was not like us. As in human. And the way that that played into the way that Wanda interacted with people and with the decisions that she made was one of my favourite things about the book. It was my driving force for continuing to read it and I sped through it so quickly because I was so enjoying Wanda’s journey in and around this world.

I also enjoyed the other characters a lot. The characterisation of Ian and Jared in particular was quite interesting. Mainly because they kind of have opposite arcs as it were in some ways. I mean I could go into the nitty gritty of it but then that would get lengthy and I could have a whole (relatively unnecessary) essay on these two characters. Another character that I really liked was The Seeker and I really wanted to know more about her. Like what her drive was. How scared she was. How she was coping with her host’s presence. It was hinted at throughout in fragments from Wanda and when she finally made her way into the compound (or whatever you want to call it), but in true me fashion I just wanted more. I just kind of almost want a whole story from The Seeker’s perspective. But I also like what we’ve got from it.

Plot wise it maybe at times felt like it went on for a bit too long. It maybe sometimes felt like it had come to a climax but then something else happened and we were back on some aspect of the plot and it almost started all over again. It was something that I did know was coming in some capacity but it just seemed to happen at a slower, slightly more unexpected, way than I was anticipating. I mean it all made sense in terms of plot, but yeah it was just almost a bit too long for me…

I actually quite liked the ending, which is always a tricky one with me, but I liked this one. It made sense to me. I liked that it was hopeful, because ultimately that seems like what Wanda is all about. Hope.

4/5 stars

Parentheses count: 3. See you tomorrow!

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