There is a plan

Hi, Hey, Hello!

Now as we all know at this point, because I literally will not stop talking about it, I have basically been thrown back into the deep end with having to try and think of content for this blog again. Which I am aware makes it sound like on some level that I am finding it a drag and that this blog is becoming something that I don’t enjoy, but that isn’t the case. It’s more that I am terrible at getting my shit together sometimes and right now I am barely getting out of the door and into work on time. It’s just been that kind of month.

Anyway, my searching the internet yesterday paid off and I found myself some great prompts that I am basically just going to use for the rest of the month with one Google search (I love Google). So, massive shout out to this article. I’m gonna pick and choose which ones I do over the next month, (I am ignoring all the ones to do with Thanksgiving because that doesn’t exist here so I have nothing to say about it) and I’m gonna continue to plod along with a new sense of energy related to writing posts (and also check out the previous months ones to just really shake it up a bit for myself). It’s amazing what actually having some inspiration will do to you, isn’t it?

So, yeah there will be no more vague rambling on my part from here until the end of the year (hopefully), instead it shall all be rambling focused on a particular topic/prompt and that’s better for all involved really. I have something akin to a plan now and that should set me right back on track in at least one area of my life. Yay.

And on that note: Parentheses count: 2. See you tomorrow!

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