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Now this post is an interesting one mainly because there is a part of me that feels like I am channeling my inner Virginia Woolf and getting all A Room Of One’s Own on you all. The prompt/question/whatever you want to call it is:

Tell us about your writing process – do you like music or quiet, is there a special place you go to work, do you type from the beginning or write notes with a pen and paper first?

The answer is it depends.

I mean there is never silence. Silence is deafening and I find it stifling so I can never do it in silence. That doesn’t necessarily mean that I am always plugged into my headphones listening to something or whatever it just means that the room that I am in is not quiet. So basically, most of the time it is my TV which is providing the background noise for me.

I just stick on a film that I have seen multiple times before (which let’s be real is usually a Disney film or randomly San Andreas) and get to it. Or I put it on some TV that I need to catch up with (which up until last week was Masterchef Australia) and again get to it. I am quite good at multi-tasking and only on occasion do I find myself so engrossed in one that the other sort of falls to the wayside (I am also a pretty efficient touch typer, so that helps).

In terms of where this happens, well it happens in the only viable room possible. My living room. In my spot on the sofa, which is perfectly poised in front of my number 1 background noise provider. And even when I don’t use that I am usually plugged into my laptop catching up on the epic amount of podcasts that I have stashed up in the same place on my sofa.

There are exceptions to that though. Sometimes if I just don’t have it in me on my train journey either into or back from work I will just whip out my little notebook that always resides in my handbag and I will jot down whatever ideas I have knocking about in my head. Sometimes they come to nothing, most of the time they come to something and then I will repeat the above steps and sit on my sofa angled perfectly at the TV and I type away until completion.

So there is always a slight crossover between whether I write notes on pen and paper or just start with a blank screen and no ideas and go from there. Let’s be real at the stage of the year I am more the latter than the former. Seriously I am pulling ideas and inspiration from wherever I can get it these days, that will become super apparent with some of these posts later on in the week…you have been warned people.

I have a vision in my head of one day being organised (or whatever it is) enough to actually have a plan of attack when it comes to writing, equipped with a desk and other aesthetic shit that has the makings of a great Instagram picture…and actually have a space where I can sit down and be productive as opposed to easily distracted by my background noise (which was Westworld when I started writing this, I don’t know if any of you watch that, but it is not multi-tasking material, that shit draws you in and keeps you captive). But that vision isn’t going to come fruition any time soon because I am very attached to using my writing time as the time that I also catch up on stuff and all that jazz, it makes me feel doubly productive. And even if I did get super organised and do things behind a writing desk like a raven (I don’t know why I just shoehorned that reference into here, but there you go) I would still never do it in silence. No, it would be musicals soundtracks central then.

Parentheses count: 6. See you tomorrow!

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